Bass Fishing Technique – A Few Tips For Success

One of the most popular “little known” sports in the world, is bass fishing. It is also the subject of the best and most sought after game fishing tournaments. Is it easy to fish for bass? Or is the notoriety of the fish really making it a challenge to catch it, as it is reported so often? Bass as a fish, is quite aggressive and one which does not know how to quit. So, in case you catch one and it is struggling to get loose, it will keep struggling till either it breaks your equipment and gets free or you totally lift it out of the water. Even after that, in many instances the bass is known to have jumped right back into the water.

Bass fishing technique – the how

When you fish for bass, you will need to adopt a special tantalizing way of moving your bait in the water so as to drag it out of its cover. One way of doing this is to throw the bait as far as it goes and then retrieve it slowly with slow jerks imitating the original movement of a bug across the water. There is no way a bass can resist the movement of a fly or a worm or any other bait moving slowly and invitingly across the water.

Bass fishing technique – the when and where

The best time to fish for bass is in the spring, though since late people started fishing for it in winter with good results. When you fish in clear waters, catching bass may be more tricky that if your fish for it in murky waters. When you do so, remember that it will produce better results if you shake your bait instead of dragging it along in the water. Night fishing is the best when you go after bass because this fish can see extremely well in the dark and you will enjoy the respite from heat.

Bass fishing technique – some more points

·Ensure that your hooks are sharp and that your hook up percentage is maximized
·The worm should stay suspended rather than submerged 90 percent of the time
·There are many hang ups occurring while fishing for bass; to prevent it, use only Texas rigged worms
·Keep your bait as straight as you can when you are doodling in the water otherwise the fish will know it is not natural and avoid your bait

With some bass fishing technique, all or a combination of the tips, you will be assured of good and fast result. Happy fishing!

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