Honeymooners & Lucy: The Fishing Trip

Honeymooners & Lucy: The Fishing Trip

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1 thought on “Honeymooners & Lucy: The Fishing Trip”

  1. Double trouble in more ways than one. Lucy and Ethel attempt to trick Ricky and Fred..into ignoring their lavish spending sprees while vacationing in Florida. And Fred and Ricky do their hardest to keep the gals off of the boat out on the deep blue seas…Both assuming the ” polite ” obvious (the boys invite the girls to go fishing with them, hoping they ‘ll decline and the “interested” gals offer to accompany the guys fishing…hoping for normal negative reaction!) What ensues is THE CONTEST FOR THE BIGGEST FISH. The events that follow are halarious in the true Ball and Arnez fashion.

    Alice Cramden all decked out in her new fishing gear, purchased from her hard scrimping and saving, does not recieve Ralph’s news about THE ALL MALE FISHING TRIP smiling. Ralph, of course, has already PRE-bragged to all his brother Raccoons down at the Lodge, with an emphatic growl that no wives are permitted to go and HE IS heading straight home to lay the law down to Alice. Ed can t wait to observe news delivered to Alice. What a catch this episode becomes as pride and prejudice make way for love and marriage. WHAT FUN….
    Rating: 5 / 5

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