Touring Bora Bora In Tahiti

When you are searching for the perfect Tahiti tours, dont forget about romantic Bora Bora Island. Bora Bora is said to be the most famous island in the world, due to the romance, mysteries, and legends associated with it. The unbelievable beauty of the towering sheer rock peaks, lagoons, and pristine beaches, coupled with the islands reputation for romance, make each and every stay unique.

Bora Bora is part of the Leeward of the Society of Islands of French Polynesia, a territory owned by France. Bora Bora is located approximately 140 miles northwest of the island of Papeete and is surrounded by a lagoon and barrier reef. Two extinct volcanoes, Mount Pahia and Mount Otemanu, are located in the center of the island, and are clearly visible from aerial photography as two stunning black columns, rising up from the center of an island paradise.

The first European exploration of the island was led by James Cook in 1777, and in 1842, Bora Bora was officially designated as a protectorate of France, after the actions of Admiral Abel Aubert Dupetit Thouars. During WWII, Bora Bora was chosen by the United States as a military supply base, oil depot, airstrip, seaplane base, and defensive fortification. Although the island saw no combat, and the base officially closed on June 2,1946, many American personnel loved the island so much that they opted to make it their permanent home.

Today, the major industry of the island is tourism and over the last few years, seven new high end resorts have been built on the motu, or small islands surrounding the lagoon. These luxury vacation spots overlook Bora Boras crystal clear lagoon, where visitors can feed sharks and rays, hike through beautiful island forests, and travel through the hills to view historic spots and WWII cannons.

The lagoon is also famous for its scuba diving excursions, where divers can come face to face with Moray eels, fish, corals, sea crustaceans, and other animals. For those adventurous enough to venture into the open ocean, sea turtles, whales, and various species of fish await them.

Its easy to see why Bora Bora is the perfect place for romantic Tahiti tours, and why so many honeymooners, couples celebrating their anniversary, and everyone in between choose Bora Bora time and time again for all of their Tahiti tours. Your travel agent can help you picke the perfect island itinerary for your needs, and the perfect lodging while you are enjoying everything that this island paradise has to offer.

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