Florida Fishing

Florida is home to some of the best fishing in all of America, especially southwest Florida. Offering both saltwater fishing and freshwater fishing, there is something for every fishing enthusiast out there. No matter if you are in it for the relaxation while fishing for catfish, or if you are in it for the adventure and rush of trying to catch a prize marlin, your next Florida fishing trip might just be the best you have ever had.
The finest in backwater fishing is offered in southwest Florida. For those that are unfamiliar with backwater fishing, also known as backcountry fishing, it is fishing in the vast networks of mangrove islands, tidal creeks, and bays that occupy the region. Saltwater fish are attracted by the acres of oyster bars, miles of shorelines and sea grass beds that occupy the area. The state’s most hunted game fish, the snook, the tarpon, the redfish, and the spotted sea trout all inhabit these waters. Thousands of angler visit Florida every year the opportunity of catching all four types of fish in a day, which is known as the Grand Slam.
Maybe the most important factor helping the fantastic fishing reputation of the region are the ample tracks of saltwater and freshwater wetlands that are protected by both federal and state laws. The Charlotte Harbor area and other large sounds are labeled as aquatic preserves and have strict laws that protect marine life and the quality of the water.
Southwest Florida fishing may not seem like it would be paradise for fans of freshwater fishing. In fact, there are only a few natural lakes in the region with only one allowing the public to use it, Lake Trafford. There are other lakes; however, the other lakes are all manufactured for golf courses and private housing areas. Some of these are stocked with an assortment of fish for fishing including panfish, bass, and catfish. However, because these lakes are usually found on private property, the only people allowed to fish from them are members and guests.
Do not deduce the restrictions on synthetic lakes and lack of natural lakes with shortages of places to freshwater fish in Florida. There are plenty of freshwater canals that offer fantastic fishing. The three largest canals are Lehigh Acres, Golden Gate, and Cape Coral. Bass and panfish are locally famous in some parts of the canal systems. There are boat ramps and bridges for people to fish from in each system and plenty of banks as well.
Overall, Florida fishing is fantastic for whatever it is you are looking for. Although at times it may not look as if you will find what you are looking for, sometimes, it is right there in front of you the whole time. Whereas other states offer public lakes, Florida offers you areas to fish from in a slightly different and more exotic way. Florida fishing is fun for the angler of all levels and will sure to satisfy your fishing needs.

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