Fishing Tournament At Riviera Nayarit

Since prehistoric times, there are many practices that continue to mark their importance in the life of every individual. Fishing is one of them. Not only has it been a great source of monetary gain for countries and people, it has also gained its importance for being an exciting and fun filled sport. Therefore when the topic of any fun filled activity is in question, Puerto Vallarta is the first thing that pops into an individual’s head.

Rivera Nayarit has increasingly gained popularity since it has earned the title of one of the best fishing destinations of the world. It has abundant Tuna and Marlin Fish in addition to Mahi Mahi, Red Snapper, Wahoo and Sailfish. Rivera Nayarit even stretches out majestically over 160 kilometers from Nuevo Vallarta to San Blas, which places Rivera Nayarit at the center, and it becomes an ideal place for fishing and for fishermen to come and try out their fishing skills. The 3rd annual Rivera Nayarit Marlin and Tuna International Fishing Tournament is here! This is a fulfilled and exciting tournament which is scheduled to take place from the 13th of August, and it will last till the 15th of August 2009.

The Third Annual Rivera Nayarit Marlin and Tuna International Fishing Tournament is scheduled to take place at the beautiful Marina Rivera Nayarit which is situated in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle. This is not going to be some idle and plain event, it is going to be extremely thrilling and entertaining. Anglers from throughout the world are coming down to Puerto Vallarta and some heavy action is expected from the different competitors for this tournament. And guess what, the winner would receive, a total of $100,000 pesos! Imagine, isn’t that a handsome amount! This remarkable award will be gifted to that fisherman who can beat the record of the Mexican Pacific Coast Marlin which is of 710.55 lbs, and this was set by Alejandro Herrera at the inaugural Riviera Nayarit Marlin and Tuna International Fishing Tournament held in the year 2007.

That is not all folks; there is also a first place prize which is a total sum of $100,000 pesos. This prize will be given to the one who catches the first tuna which will be more than 167.55 lbs, which is the tournament record. With such handsome prizes and such exciting events, it is only natural that a person will get energized. This event is open for all locals as well as tourists so do go on down to Rivera Nayarit to have a great time. Subsequently if you want to be part of one of your favourite sport, which is fishing, and even win a great prize for it, then this tournament is a great deal for all of you.

So come on down to Puerto Vallarta where the events never stop and the party never ends. As a result, if there is any place where you can have great fun, and also the comfort of indulging in one of your favourite activities, then Puerto Vallarta is your place.

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