Erdos Into The Domestic Automobile Industry, The "new Hot Spot"

Chery Automobile 20 billion yuan car project settled in Erdos City, Inner Mongolia, the message (see the paper February 8, 2010 A3 version “Chery want to hit 20 billion Erdos repairer”) has further information, the project settled in the Ordos and equipment manufacturing base of tube Authority’s stakeholders confirmed to reporters, Chery has commenced civil works projects, while the other giant car project – a total investment of 12.2 billion of the public treasure automobile manufacturing projects has also been settled in the Ordos will become a new investment in the domestic auto industry, ” hot spot. ”

Settled a number of automotive projects

Chery project called the “Chery Automobile and Industrial robot manufacturing projects,” because the visibility of Chery Automobile in China, making it settled in the Ordos received unprecedented attention.

“Lunar eighth day (February 21), the Government of the Chery land formation projects has begun, because the large area of land required for optical components supporting the project, there were 40 ~ 50.” Ordos MC-related say. In the Spring Festival, Erdos, head of investment office also said that after the Spring Festival, and Chery will be further contact, we can see the local on the Chery project’s “desire.” The amount of all of the 200 billion investment for the production of vehicle, or at least the size of 50 million units, which is the work of inviting foreign investment Ordos great victory.

Chery Erdos project is just “caught a big fish”, the equipment base has also attracted a number of other cars “predators”, in which there is planning an investment of 12.2 billion of the public treasure car. “The intention of the project agreement has been signed, can be described as a personal investment plan, the specific circumstances I am not very clear.” Ordos CMC are told reporters.

Reporter from the “2009 Investment of industrial projects in Erdos City,” was found on the table, this is a 300,000 new commercial vehicle production base in the project. Reporter later labeled a “public treasure car” search, only found the “Shanghai Zhong Bao Auto Parts Co., Ltd.”, “Baoying County, Jiangsu Province, Zhong Bao Auto Service Co., Ltd.”, seem to have no power operation of 12.2 billion project.

Chery Automobile is the Ordos and the public treasure the many car projects, the introduction of the more eye-catching two, in addition, there are to invest 40 billion yuan Dongfeng Motor Group and the ZTE Special Vehicle Manufacturing Co., Ltd. produce special vehicles 10000 projects with a total 7 billion yuan investment in China’s annual production of refinement Group 50000 heavy-duty truck project has already started, while the total investment of over 10 billion yuan in China and Thailand Automotive Powertrain plant garden has also been put into production, Ordos vehicle items gathered in the car many did not seem inferior to Shanghai, Guangzhou, Changchun, Beijing, Wuhan and other first-tier cities, and become the new vehicle production base.

Coal mining or the repairer?

“We are mainly coal for industry, where investments to 4 billion yuan start, you can enjoy a quota of coal.” Relevant persons of local investment office, told reporters. Investment in the local preferential policies, there are also clearly written on, “the amount of 40 billion yuan investment in the project, according to 20:1 ratio of allocation of resources.” “This resource is coal, as long as the note of the local investment projects and are generally at 40 billion yuan, largely directed at the coal come from.” A condition of anonymity, said analysts.

Equipment manufacturing base in Ordos slogan is “fertile land for investment, entrepreneurial heaven,” multiple local investment can enjoy preferential policies: In addition to the national preferential tax policies for developing the western region, there are also national minimum price and adequate electricity supply, but also remove the base of Dongsheng district seat of the various administrative fees, coordination of municipal authorities the cause of the reduction in administrative fees; For large projects, in accordance with “special discussions, handling the special matter” principle and to give special offers.

In such a preferential policies to attract under the 2009 contract to introduce the project in Ordos 40, contracted amounted to 572.1 billion yuan, of which 240 billion yuan investment in the Yanzhou Mining Group, a system of annual output of 3.6 million tons of coal oil and 1 million tons Olefins Project , the investment scale is staggering.

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