Crappie Fishing in Indiana

The State Record for Black Crappie in Indiana is 4 pounds, 11 ounces. Black Crappie prefer water temperatures of 68 to 72 Degrees, and deeper, slow moving waters.

Rules and Regulations

Like other states, Indiana requires you to purchase a fishing license before fishing in any public waters in Indiana. The only exception to this is in private ponds and lakes. To obtain a residential fishing license, you must have lived in Indiana for a minimum of 60 days. All others will be issued a none-resident license.

You can purchase your license online though the Indiana government website, or at any local retailer, DNR office, by phone, or by mail.

Indiana allows for a few exemptions. If you are over the age of 65 you are not required to obtain a fishing license, however you must carry a valid ID stating your age and area of residence. If you are under the age of 17, or legally blind, you are not required to purchase a license. All military personal on leave may fish without a license as long as you carry your leave orders with you at all times, and Indiana is your home state.

Indiana Hot Spots

EAGLE CREEK RESERVOIR – Eagle Creek Reservoir is 10 miles northwest of downtown Indianapolis and just off Interstate 465. It was impounded as a water-supply lake and covers approximately 1,350 acres. It has an average depth of 18 feet with a maximum depth of 45 feet.

An ample amount of cover is available towards the upper end of the lake.

MORSE RESERVOIR – Morse Reservoir is a water supply reservoir owned by the Indianapolis Water Company. The lake spans over 1,350 acres, and can reach a depth of up to 45 feet in some areas. Beware, as some spots on the lake are very narrow.

There is a large amount of cover available throughout the entire lake. Wooded areas and submerged logs provide the essential cover needed for Crappie fishing.

SULLIVAN LAKE – Sullivan Lake is in the southwestern parts of Indiana near the town of Sullivan. This is a small lake, only covering 461 acres. The average depth is 10 feet, with spots up to 25 feet deep. The primary fish found in Sullivan Lake is white crappie. About 50% of all fisherman fishing on Sullivan lake are fishing for Crappie.

One interesting fact about Lake Sullivan is the fact that the crappie feed largely on bug instead of other small fish, despite the large amount of shad available in the lake. Biologists studied the stomach contents of the Crappie to find a large amount of caddis fly larvae.

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