Carp Fishing Holidays in France

A milder climate and a large number of lakes make France the perfect location for carp fishing. The country is popular among Britons who travel across the Channel looking for a great catch. Some monster carp cross the 60 lbs mark, and are an angler’s delight. Depending on your budget and desired level of comfort, you ought to head out for some of the most beautiful lakes in France for a carp fishing holiday. Public lakes are inexpensive and considering that there are thousands across the country, you are sure to find a great catch since many are well stocked with carp. Permits are available at most angling shops or pubs. Apart from public lakes, there are a number of privately owned lakes open for carp fishing. They offer accommodations that vary from camp-style to the luxurious and the chances of finding a large stock of carp is relatively high around these lakes. Don’t forget to carry a fishing map which is very useful when you are looking for suitable carp habitat. Besides French owned lakes, there are a number of British-owned lakes that cater to anglers. However, these are more expensive. Some public lakes are administered by local private clubs that look after the welfare of the lake, and are responsible for the administration, maintaining carp stock, and collection of fees from visitors. They usually charge a lower fee for carp fishing. Prior to setting out on your carp fishing holiday make sure the venue has a good record, as you wouldn’t want to jeopardize your whole holiday. Call up the owner if you are heading for a private lake and get as much information as you can. If you are a novice, the secret is to start in smaller lakes and slowly wind your way to the larger waters, otherwise, you may be disappointed. There are plenty of tackle shops in France, however, make sure you leave with the basics in your fishing kit since there might not be a good shop near you. Carry extra hooks, leads, and make sure to carry enough bait. Some areas do allow night fishing so make sure you carry lamps, batteries, and gas. Rules and regulations vary at carp lakes where some allow three rods while other permit four. Tiger nuts are not allowed as bait in most locations. So make sure to check with the local authorities prior to settling down. April through October is usually the best time for carp fishing. Head for Bordeaux if you want to experience night fishing, where it turns cooler at night during summer months. Privately owned lakes such as L’Etang du Chef de Ville, Rainbow Lake, and Eden’s lake offer all inclusive packages and are worth a try provided your budget permits. They will take care of your every need so that you can enjoy your carp fishing vacation. Most are run by expert anglers that are at hand for some advice and tips on how to make a good catch.

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