Carp Fishing-Experience the thrill

France is famous for carp fishing. For the people of France it is a past time to catch carp fish in various lakes, river and sea. Knowledge of fishing is necessary for tourists. A perfect fishing tackle is required to get the right kind of fish. Various type of fishing tackle are available online. They demonstrate the fishing tackle and let you know the price. For a good catch quality equipment is advisable. Permit to catch carp is required, which is available easily in angling shops and pubs. For tourists there are many private lakes full of carp fish. These lake owners rent places to stay. They have camping sites and luxury accommodation. The place of the carp is available in the fishing map. Previous knowledge about carp fish locality helps in good catch. Additional hooks, baits, flashlight, enough gas and drinking water are necessary on night fishing. Many areas do not permit night fishing. If you are fascinated in night fishing then Bordeaux is the place. The suitable time for carp fishing is from April to October. The private lake owners take care of the tourist and provide all their requirements for carp fishing. They are themselves professional anglers and they provide able guidance and advice. The size of the carp is enormous and it weighs between 40lbs to 50 lbs. However, 60lbs giant carp, found in specific lakes. To catch this big fish you need the perfect angler. Fishing carp requires reels of good quality lines. Usually carp fish do not stay near the bank. Therefore hiring a boat to go to the location is wiser. The type of bait may vary from lake to lake. Perfect bait for the fish is essential. The rules vary from one lake to the other. Preference of using two or four rods depends on the rules of the lake owner and night fishing depends on the rules. Before booking for a specific location, get all the required information to make your stay pleasant. When you have large carp catches you forget the tiredness. The size and quality nourishment available in the lakes and the weather help the carp to grow in size. The largest carp weighing 89 lbs, caught in a lake in Dijon in the year 2006, which is a world record. The prominent places for carp fishing in France are Bordeaux, Brittany, Troyes, Dijon and Reims.

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