Your First Fishing Trip – Important Things You Must Know

Prior to delving into the technicalities of fishing and fishing gear, you should have your paper work in order. Remember that many spots in the US and around the world require anglers to have a fishing permit or license before they can fish in waters conditioned for good fishing.

Once you have your required paper work in order you need to have a basic fishing kit, a kit that includes just the basic equipment for you to catch a fish or two and one that you can add to as you gain experience along the way. Common sense will have you know that you need to match the fishing line to the fishing rod and reel. Once you have perfectly matched rod, reel and line you will be well on your way to an enjoyable fishing experience. A well matched fishing line and reel prevents anglers from encountering what is called a bird’s nest. However, have no fear even the most experienced of fishermen encounter that problem from time to time.

The first accomplishment for an amateur angler is to have a perfectly matched fishing rod, line, reel and lure. This set is not very expensive and is expected to cost an amateur angler somewhere between $25 to $40, and these last for many years. Look ot for three main points while purchasing your first rod:

• Guides that come attached to the rod
• Type of grip or handle that is essential for a good rod
• Reel set for different kinds of line.

There are many kinds of fishing rods to choose from. Some rods are a single piece of bamboo or fiber-glass, while others can be dismantled into multiple pieces and can be stored away in a fishing fit. There are no nuts and bolts to assemble the dismantle-able fishing rods. Just insert the ends into each other and you are ready to go. Try bending the rod to ensure flexibility before buying the rod. This will ensure your comfort level with the equipment.

When shopping for a fishing rod you should try to get yourself one that is 6 feet long and not too heavy. If you do not want to buy a rod to begin with you could get yourself a long flexible stick that is easily fund around the place you plan to fish.

When it comes to fishing lines you are in luck. In the past there were lines made from horse’s hair. These lines had to be dried before reeling them in to prevent them from rotting. Likewise there were the silk lines that also needed to be dried for the same reason. Today we have nylon fishing lines that come in many gauges and weights. These lines do not tangle easily nor do they have to be dried. So take your pick.

In the end of it all the fishing gear, line hook, reels and rod must match to ensure you have an enjoyable fishing trip with the least of hitches. Try to add sub glasses, a fishing knife, line clippers, fist aid kit, fishing that to block out the sun and of course your snacks and drinks!

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