The Ancient Art of Fly Fishing- Getting The Right Equipment

Distinctly different from any other method of angling, fly-fishing is a style angling that has a history dating back to ancient times. While some fisherman may use a rod and reel to sit back, relax and perhaps catch a fish; the fly fisherman wades into the water and uses his honed skills to lure the fish to bite. Fly fishing has several distinct characteristics that make it different from any other style of angling, the main being the technique and bait used, and the special fly fishing equipment the angler uses.

Fly-fishing has developed, as a standard, a variant rod and reel that works a bit differently than the traditional closed or open spool reels. Fly rods are light and flexible, and usually made of fiberglass or other composite materials. Fly rods are made to different lengths, so when you choose your fly fishing equipment, it’s best to know what species of fish you’re after. Traditionally the fly angler seeks to catch trout or salmon, but other species of fish have been known to be responsive to the fly angling method.

The fly rod has another unique feature, that is, the type of fishing line a fly rod uses is usually thicker than any other type of angling line. It’s the weight and thickness of the line, combined with the weight of the fly, that gives fly-fishing it’s unique casting techniques.

Although the fly rod is an important piece of fly fishing equipment, it’s the type, weight, and color of the artificial fly that affects the art of angling for the fly fisherman. Flies fall into three different categories, surface floating flies, partially submerged flies, and below surface flies, each having it’s own specific style of casting.

Fly fishing equipment can be expensive, but don’t worry, the fly rod is usually the most expensive purchase, the flies and fishing line are relatively inexpensive. Often, experienced fly fishers will eventually learn how to create their own flies to use. This gives your fly fishing experience a custom feel to it, and can cut down costs dramatically. If you’re a beginner, finding a mentor can be the best way to learn about and get the feel of each article of fly fishing equipment.

So, if you’re an outdoor enthusiast, a seasoned angler or just interested in learning about fly-fishing, try it out! Fly-fishing is a sort of ‘antique technique’, passed down from generation to generation. With the right knowledge and correct equipment, fly-fishing is a hobby that can last a lifetime.

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