panfish and bluegill fishing tips by “Blake’s Tackle Box”

a collection of my favorite panfish and bluegill fishing lures/baits, also tips on how to use them Related PostsBluegill Sunfish – A Favorite Species of American Freshwater Fish Bluegill sunfish are the most widely…Wade Bourne’s Fishing Tips: Beds for Bluegill – For more tips visit Wade shows you how to find bluegill beds … Read more

Rebel Fishing Lure – Keeping The Traditions Alive!

In an anglers tackle box there are equipments that are very important and it is a must to have them. Rebel fishing lures is one kind. It was founded by George Perrin at Fort Smith Arkansas, 1961. This company dealing with plastic mold injection started making minnow like small plastic lure which would imitate the … Read more