Mickey and Friends: Bass Fishing in Orlando

Drop the kids off at Disney World; we’re going bass fishing in Orlando!

Orlando, Florida

The city of Orlando in the state of Florida is one of the most popular cities in the United States of America. Orlando has a population of almost 2 million people if the metropolitan area of Orlando is counted. It is Florida’s sixth largest city, surprisingly but is the largest inland city in the state. Orlando is probably most known for Disney World, Sea World, and the Universal Orlando Resort. Also popular is one of the city’s oldest attractions, a little number called “Gatorland”.

Bass Fishing in Orlando is big business!

Bass fishing in Orlando is incredibly thrilling and life changing. Many an angler that has toured the world in search of the perfect fishing almost always ends up coming to rest in Orlando because of the consistence of the waters, the great amounts of beautiful bass, and the wondrous scenery and great places to drop off the kids while hitting the parks and lakes looking for that gorgeous, incredible bass to tip the scales.

Peak season for bass fishing in Orlando is around the start of the calendar year. People report catching fish that weigh over 10 pounds in some of these incredible Orlando water bodies! It is also the angler’s favorite season for catching large amounts of largemouth fish, which is a popular type of bass. The spawning of the fish in this season sets the waters ablaze with activity from the incredibly active bass and this makes fishing a whole lot of fun!

A lot of people decide to use “bass guides” when fishing in hope that they will be pointed towards the best parts of the lake and directed right at some of the hottest fish locations in Orlando. Most bass guides help people catch more fish than they would alone; sometimes up to two or three times as many fish are caught with bass guides than without! A lot of bass fishing guides are somewhat legendary for how much they assist the anglers in discovering huge bodies of fish-filled waters and people pay a lot of money to hire these legends of the lakes.

Bass fishing in Orlando was one of the best things I’ve ever done in my life. It changed my entire outlook on adventure and I took great pride in bringing home the largest fish ever caught in Orlando waters. Of course, that could be a dream or reality for me, but one thing is for certain: Orlando serves up some of the best fishing in the United States.

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