Ice Fishing In Lac Du Bonnet – Great Fun For All Age Groups

as no surprise that more and more people are pitching little know spots for this specialized holiday activity and here’s where Ice fishing in Lac du Bonnet, Manitoba, situated nearly 111 kilometers, or 70 miles north-east from the capital city of Winnipeg, offers.

Lac Du Bonnet gets its quaint name from the shape of the lake (yes, a bonnet-form) that has hosted many national and state fishing tournaments during winters and summers with ice fishing being an age-old tradition for Canadians and Americans with a special love for ice fishing at Lac Du Bonnet. In fact, the reputation of this ice fishing lake is so widely known that even international anglers from all over the world collect here to avail its abundant fishing fun and activities, while booking comfortable and tourist friendly fishing lodges that also offer affordable boarding facilities. There are motels, smaller B&B kind of outfits also at Lac Du Bonnet, but for the winter season, hoteliers prepare extra rooms beyond the needs of its small local group of committed anglers!

The season for Ice fishing in Lac du Bonnet and its nearby waterways usually starts in November; this is the time the ice thickens to nearly 4 inches and there’s no less than 65 miles of water-ways for avid fisherman to scout the right spot for casting a line with an eye to reeling in Sager, Pike, Goldeneye and Mackerel. The waters are ideal for ice fishing in Lac Du Bonnet as the temperatures keep the flesh of the fish firm as compared to the slight murky taste that lingers on in the same varieties fished in the shallow, warm waters in other parts of the region.

Around the middle of March, a one-day Ice fishing Tournament is organized by the local businessman here at Lac du Bonnet; it is divided into several categories and prizes include a mystery length award and mystery time episode besides 50 assorted prizes that further boost the occasion’s fun factor. All in all, a great time for the friends and family you could consider taking on when deciding this year’s winter holiday.

More news on the tournament includes knowing the basics of ice fishing at Lac Duc Bonnet, which involves the catch and release contest, tips on handling the fish to reduce any trauma and the specified boundaries for anglers fishing in the lake and singling a tourney judge upon catching a fish. The whole procedure involves awaiting the judge’s arrival at the fishing hole, pulling the catch out of the water, measuring, recording and freeing the fish into the lake and then entering the mystery time and length to qualify for different divisions of the tournament.

An environment-friendly competition, this tournament for ice fishing held during winters in Lac du Bonnet ensures fun all round for everyone and is unique in itself

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