Fly Fishing Vacations – Top Spots Around The World

Looking for the best fly fishing spots in the world? If you are planning on traveling the world looking for the best place to throw your line, then look no further. There are some places that just cannot be beaten for their quality fishing experiences. Here are some. If you can, get there and enjoy the game. Nothing beats the beauty of the water and the thrill of catching the big one.

* Hampshire, United Kingdom- Here, you will be traveling to the southern part of England, just north of the channel. Here you have the place that the book, The Compleat Angler was written by Izaak Walton. This is where he made history some 300 years back.

* New Zealand’s, North And South Islands- Have you heard of Zane Grey? He found this area to be his very best angling. He nicknamed the place, “Angler’s El Dorado” and quite rightly so. The seasons are opposite than they are in the US making it a great place to go in the winter months.

* Let’s go to Canada- Labrado, Canada to be exact. This is probably the best place in Northern America to catch a good trout. Here, you will catch the same fish the colonist’s ate many years ago. That is of course the brookie (speckled trout.)

* More below-the-equator fishing- If you are dealing with winter at home, head south to Tierra del Fuego in Argentine for some very nice fishing of rainbow, brown and brook trout. You will have to stop and look at the beautiful surroundings too. You won’t regret the cost of a plane ticket here, that’s for sure.

* Go north- In the Alta, Norway, you will find some very large salmon to take hold of. You will find a wide range of fish here, but this is the place to go to catch the most abundant salmon in the world. You will be amazed at the quality of this fish in size and taste.

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