Dream Fishing Vacation Packages At Vamizi Lodge Maluane Island Quirimba Mozambique

Almost by accident I found one of my dream fishing vacation packages at Vamizi Island Lodge, on Maluane Island in the Quirimba Archipeligo Mozambique. I also found out this is an Eco Lodge adventure vacation, but it is my idea of a romantic affordable honeymoon idea, as many of the other guests were honeymooners.

One or two of them just love the idea of remote island vacations, and in fact this is almost one of the ideal honeymoon destinations for warm weather during the winter.

So how did I come to get there in the first place?

I never take the Guardian newspaper, but because my normal paper was unavailable one Saturday last year I bought the Guardian, and I read about this Eco Lodge adventure vacation, went online, looked at some photos, read the descriptions, and just thought that Vamizi Island resort would be perfect as a remote island vacations.

This was how I came to discover Vamizi, and then some months later, landing in Dar es Salaam, going round the corner to the ‘local’ airport, and finding ourselves in a totally different world, the world of Africa. We flew to Pemba, and then on in a smaller plane to Vamizi. My wife who is terrified of flying, found small local African airlines almost too much, but the views did a little to compensate for over two hours flight time.

All was quickly forgotten the moment we entered the lodge, and we knew that this was somewhere very special.

Everybody turned out to greet us, all immaculately dressed in white jackets.

Our very private lodge, one of I believe 10, but the maximum number of guests is 24. Everything has be designed not to damage the environment, plus the fact that all the materials used are sourced locally which is good for the economy.

If you think that means in any way shape or form that the lodges are cheap, then I can tell you, they are luxurious with a large living room, spectacular bathroom, and cool verandah. The walls in the sower are a huge slab of marble, the beds are 4 poster king size, with muslin mosquito nets.

The living room and the verandah have huge chairs and sofas with masses of brightly coloured cushions.

We had a totally private and direct access to the beach of talcum powder white sand.

Anyway I went deep sea fishing, and caught a big fish, don’t ask me what it was, but it was so exciting, I’m hooked!!

This is why it became my dream fishing package, because whenever I go on vacation again, there just has to be deep sea fishing.

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