Why Fish Oils Are So Crucial For Proper Fetal Development

 It is well known that omega 3 fish oils can aid fetal development with more recent studies proving this beyond doubt, and with over 85% of pregnant women being deficient in them, taking a daily supplement is crucial, but you need to select with care.

It is the two main omega 3 fatty acids DHA and EPA that are important, with DHA being responsible for most of the benefits. Considering that they make up about seventy per cent of a newborn baby’s brain and nervous system and a third of our brains are composed of DHA fats, it comes as no surprise how beneficial they are for fetal development!

These oils have been nicknamed smart capsules and are highly recommended by leading health experts as they have been proven to help improve the baby’s IQ, and lead to far less behavioural difficulties. Recent research also tells us that omega 3 helps to improve their vocabulary, and greatly enhances their hand-eye coordination.

All this and they are great for the mothers health and well-being too!

When choosing a fish oil supplement, it is important to have one that has a higher amount of DHA compared to EPA, as most today still have higher EPA levels. This is partly because they are cheaper to make and they are not current with their research, so however they try to sell them to you, avoid them!

Molecular distillation is also essential to remove all the toxins like mercury and other heavy metals from the fish. This is why it is not recommended to eat more than one portion of oily fish a week when pregnant due to the higher levels of pollutants that can affect fetal development. These supplements are often called pharmaceutical grade too, so check the label or website to make sure.

High quality fish oil rich in DHA fats comes from species like Hoki and Tuna, fished from clean unpolluted oceans for the highest purity and in a natural or ester state to be readily absorbed by the body.

With so many fantastic health benefits to be enjoyed by omega 3 oils for fetal development, it makes sense to include them in your daily routine, to help keep both mother and baby healthy.

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