Why Cod Fish Oil is Not The Right Choice for Your Health

Cod fish oil was traditionally given to kids in days gone by, and many of us connect it with our childhood so it is easy to think that it is the right choice nowadays, but science has moved on and now we know that it is not as healthy as we once thought.

The modern day problem of pollution has a part to play, and the fact that cod is becoming an unsustainable source and now costs more than salmon for example.

The main drawback of cod fish oil or cod liver oil as it is more commonly known is that it contains very high levels of vitamin A and D, both of which can be toxic at high doses. When you consider you get these vitamins from other sources too, it is easy to take too much.

If you research a little more online you will see this to be the case. I’m just glad now that my Mum didn’t give me very much when I was growing up as I always spat it out!

To get the best supply of omega 3, it is better to have it from Hoki or Tuna fish, and from pristine waters like off the coast of Alaska or the Southern Ocean of New Zealand. These are the cleanest waters on earth.

To get the maximum health benefits, you need to see how much omega 3 your supplement contains and how much of that is DHA. This is the most important one and carries most of the benefits, according to the latest research.

Even though cod fish oil contains a good amount of omega 3’s, it is not as much as from Hoki for example. The supplement I personally take contains 1000mg of oil of which 28% is DHA, the highest I have seen. Make sure to check the label carefully.

Lastly check on the website or label that it is molecularly distilled to remove all the impurities, like mercury and other heavy metals and that it is in a natural triglyceride or ester form for maximum absorption. Many inferior supplements are in a synthetic triglyceride form and are not easily taken by the body so you lose many of the benefits.

Now that you are armed with this information you know it’s best to avoid cod fish oil, and how to find the best supplement for the maximum health benefits.

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