Walleye Fishing on Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan is a body of water to be reckoned with in the United States. It consumes approximately 1,600 miles of shoreline space with bordering states such as Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin. The deepest part of this lake is 925 feet with the average depth being 279 feet. Of all the great lakes, Lake Michigan is the only one to have all portions remains inside the United States border. Even so, it still holds the distinction of being the fifth largest lake on the planet.

Walleye Residents

There are approximately 100 various breeds of fish that call Lake Michigan home. One popular resident is the ever elusive walleye. A great way to chase after this fish is with the assistance of a variety of Lake Michigan Fishing Charters. These experienced guides can be the eyes and ears of anglers by pinpointing the best spots in the lake to reel in walleye catches.

Lake Michigan walleye mark the start of spring with spawning activity. For this action they seek out bottoms composed of rock or sand. Water depths are shallow with medium depths never more than a quick swim away. Walleye are carnivorous fish that are not very picky eaters. They prefer a food selection of insects, crayfish and small fish but will not turn away from a meal dangled in front of their face.

The ideal times to chase after this active fish is anytime between sundown and midnight. The blanket of darkness that falls across the lake gives walleye a false sense of security. As such, they venture closer towards the water surface.

Lake Fishing

An ideal way to approach Lake Michigan for the first time is to learn as much as possible before hitting the waters. Dry land research should include a basic internet search to gain information on the lake environment. This should include the latest fishing reports for the lake as well as any tournament result information.

All of this will give a good idea of where walleye may be hiding out. It is also a good idea to talk to other anglers or read Lake Michigan fishing forums to see how these individuals successfully approached the walleye in the lake.

The next way to approach fishing Lake Michigan for walleye is to purchase a practical fishing map. This is one time where it will certainly pay to get detailed. Take a minute to look at the map before heading out on the water. Pinpoint the locations of large flats, shallow areas, coves, river channels, creek beds and any other structure that catches the eye. Try to visualize a roadmap for covering each of these spots out on the water.

Do not be intimidated by the sheer size of Lake Michigan. It is virtually impossible to cover every square inch of water space in the course of one day. Even a span of several days would not be adequate enough to cover Lake Michigan. The key to fishing Lake Michigan for walleye is narrowing down specific sections that peek interest. A detailed lake map becomes an invaluable tool here.

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