Walleye Fishing In Missouri

Fishing for walleye in Missouri is going to give you some great adventures and tales to tell. A few places to fish in Missouri are Taneycomo, Table Rock Lake, Smithville Lake, Black River and Stockton Lake and the Big River. By knowing about the lakes and what the locals are using to fish these lakes, you will have a better idea of what you need to have and what method to use to catch your share of walleye. Missouri does have some great walleye fishing lakes and some rivers as well. If you need to no the fishing report the day you plan to fish, the local bait shops can advise you on what is working that day and were the walleye are hiding.

When you use the right bait and other equipment, you will have a better time fishing for walleye in these areas. Missouri does have some hot spots, but you need to talk to some of the locals who can tell you other areas and techniques that they use to fish the walleye in the Missouri waters. Following the fishing reports is a good way to find out where and when the fishing is good. Conditions change so much in Missouri that it is hard to pinpoint one specific time year after year and from day to day as well.

Stockton Lake is known for producing some nice size walleye using a jigging spoon or a plain old jig. You might even use a chartreuse colored lure on a fifty pound super braided test line. You can even catch walleye all winter long in about fifty to sixty feet of water using a Hopkins spoon. Just look for the areas with lots of shad, bluffs and rock piles. During the summer and spring as well as fall, you can fish in about eighteen to thirty feet of water and find the walleye. It is best by the Greenfield area. During the warm weather, you can use a bottom bouncer with a minnow or night crawler.

Black River is another great place to fish for walleye. If you are fishing the rocky areas, a night crawler on a leadhead is great. In most cases, the planer boards work well with spinner rigs. During the spawning season in spring, you want to fish by the rocky areas. The lake has a great shad population that helps to feed the walleye and make them a good healthy weight. When you are fishing from shore near the riprap, you can use shallow or floating running bait. Anglers recommend keeping the smaller males and leaving the larger females to spawn for future generations of walleye. Fish are taken from Black River for transplanting in other lakes and rivers.

Table Rock Lake has many underwater habitats for walleye. When the lake was built, they never cleared the trees and other deadfall under the water, which has made a nice home for walleye. The shad in the lake allows the walleye to feed and grow to good-sized fish. Many anglers use the drop and sink method in this lake. They sit right above the deadfall and drop right into the middle of the school of shad coming up with a fish. This is a nice resort area and does not have a lot of boat activity, which makes it a nice fishing spot.

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