Using GPS With Wisconsin Maps

Traveling in Wisconsin without a map can be a task. But with technologies available today, it should actually be a breeze. Maps of Wisconsin are readily available and when combined with GPS technology you should never get lost. Using car navigation systems allows users to have up to date Wisconsin maps loaded and ready for use. If you know the address of the location you are looking for, then entering this in the GPS will take you directly to your final destination. Most GPS units will take you in two ways, either shortest route or shortest time. A map of Wisconsin will not show you traffic jams, but the latest GPS systems can. So sometimes the shortest time actually is not, unless you are equipped with the traffic alerts available on a variety of GPS units. Some will also show work zone areas, again to help avoid those pesky things that increase your travel time.

POIs (Points of Interest) in Wisconsin will also be available on most maps downloaded to your GPS. These will include places such as museums, WI state parks, theaters, art and culture spots, restaurants, and even gas stations. If you have a list of addresses, you can enter these in the GPS as custom POIs to help you navigate to places in Wisconsin. Once you start your trip, the GPS will calculate your route and show your locations on a map. Some units will also give more detailed information like estimated time of arrival (ETA), moving time, stopped time, and speed.

Maps of Wisconsin lakes are also available for download to many units, but there are some GPS units that are specific for boating and lake navigation. These units can show you your location on the lake and depth information throughout. Maps on the GPS unit can also show items such as fish attractors, hazards, and boat ramps. This information is handy for the avid WI fisherman. A map can help find the “big one” when a experienced angler gets their hands on it.

Handheld GPS units with Wisconsin maps loaded on them can also be beneficial to the hiker and hunter. Today’s technology lets you pack a large amount of data in to a small space. Many trail maps are available for download and can be added to a GPS unit for a great day of hiking. Also, you can mark your map with waypoints for hunting if you have a particular favorite spot. These maps of Wisconsin lands may also contain POIs for camping and recreation at Wisconsin State Parks.

Most updates to maps on GPS units will have any know corrections of roads in say, the state of WI. Combined with a paper version map as a backup, there should definitely be a lower chance of getting lost. Wisconsin has many areas for tourism and recreation, and maps are a great resource to exploit them. Finding a restaurant in an unfamiliar town is now easy and getting lost is a thing of the past. Using maps and GPS in Wisconsin will get you to your final destination without headache and on time!

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