Using a Lake Map Effectively

Many years ago I discovered the usefulness of a lake map.

A lake map usually has many characteristics on it. Mostly it will identify the depth of the lake. It will also identify structure points of the lake. Such as, sand bars, gravel pits and

under water roads, rocky points, mud or muck etc.

Some lake map companies even mark the best fishing spots according to the depth and structure within the lake or on top of the lake like overhanging trees, reeds or lily pads to name a few. When the best fishing spots are marked they are also identifying what species’ of fish might be at that particular structure point.

The main reason you need a lake map is to identify all of these structure points so you can plan your fishing day efficiently. Knowing where to fish, even before you put your boat in the water, can increase your chances of catching fish greatly. Let me explain.

Many fishermen and women start to fish early in the morning, lets say you start at 6am. If you were like me in the past, you would put the boat in the water and then motor to the other side of the lake or motor far away from the boat ramp wasting valuable fishing time. With a map, you will have the ability to plan where you will fish before you put the boat in the water. Then go to the nearest spot from the boat launch that has good structure. Chances are there may be 4 or 5 spots that have good structure for the fish you may be fishing for. If you only spend 30 minutes at each spot, after you have fished it hard, then move to the next spot, you could hit 4 spots in the first 2 hours of prime fishing time from 6am to 8am possibly doubling your chances of catching fish. I use to hit 2 spots in that 2-hour period, now I hit 4 or 5.

The reason I feel comfortable leaving a spot after 30 minutes is because I fished it hard and did not get a bite, that means there are no fish there at that time. So I move to the next spot and do the same thing.

I have told many fisherman and women about this easy technique to a lot of people over the years while I had my fishing map company. I would get numerous letters telling me about their fishing success.

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Jeff Bausch has been fishing for over 40 years. He started a lake map business with the best fishing spots marked plus a fishing newspaper many years ago. Fishing has always been a passion, now he is sharing his fishing knowledge about how to use lake maps and how to fish any lake with great success.

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