Tuna in Japan Tsukiji market price increases will slow in the spring after

Compared with the same period last year, Japan Tsukiji market, the number of frozen tuna big Ella trend of a decreasing area, but prices still remain relatively stable. Two days ago, the Japanese Fisheries Agency issued the demand for tuna supply forecasts (all sashimi tuna fish), to the March date, the supply quantity, compared to last year is expected to decline slightly in price to maintain stable situation. However, because control of the demand in the spring, Tsukiji market tuna market conditions showed gradual downward trend. Wholesale company official said, “After entering the spring, fishing, wholesale prices showed a slow upward trend.”

Tsukiji fish market in February of frozen tuna Ella average purchase large amount of 1280 (the average daily purchase quantity), and the previous year’s daily average volume of 1430 purchase a decrease of about one percent. In last Friday, average daily purchase quantity to 1500, from the beginning of this week, the number of purchase fisheries showed a weak trend, but in late February the trend has remained strong.

Fishing center prices remain at 700 yen to 800 yen about prices last year, the center of fisheries 800 yen, so this year with last year’s prices remained the same.

In previous years, to the March billing period, amount of purchase fisheries have increased the most last year, when almost on purchase volume in 1700 to keep around. The wholesale companies expect “this year, up to date purchase volume reached only around 1500.” Thus, after entering the spring, is expected to market the trend is upward, but due to the accounts of, if the increase in the number of purchase fisheries, market may crash.

According to forecasts released by the Fisheries Agency, predicted this year’s domestic production has decreased in comparison with the previous year, imports decreased slightly, and supply a whole showed a decreasing trend, prices remain stable. On the specific circumstances of fisheries, from last October to January this year, in the Atlantic near the present downturn trend, but was relatively stable around the Indian Ocean.

January to March this year, the specific fishing operations is: As fuel prices greatly affected fishing operations, is expected this year compared to last year’s fishing show sluggish overall market trend. But in fact, although the vessels entering the harbor showed an increasing trend, but all vessels fishing catches have shown a downward trend.

Wholesale market supply of the specific circumstances are: the end of the year, the sales continue to slump trend. In the New Year, the frozen tuna prices on a downward trend, but from February onwards, part of the price of tuna has increased. Overall, the supply side, red meat and tuna sashimi, all maintained to reduce the tendency of the demand has decreased, but prices remain steady compared with last year’s trend.

Through investigation, part of the supermarket sales of the actual situation is beginning: with the same period last year, sales of frozen tuna accounts for 90% of red meat, fresh sashimi market sales accounted for 10%. Kiosk is part of the sales: sales of the actual situation rather the end of last year’s 105%, a slight sales decline.

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