The fish cannot hide with the fish tracker here

Fishing is a very relaxing activity provided one can find the fish to catch; well in this day and age of gps we can now track the fish also. Yes, some very ingenious person used the gps technology and created a fish finder! It gives a 3 Dimensional image of the fish underwater. This will definitely improve the chances of getting that big fish that you know is out there but just out of your sight under the sea or in the fresh water.

This fish tracking gadget is a handheld tracker that combines the use of gps navigating software in combination with sonar technology. The new fish finder can detect a 10 ton school of tuna fish up to 15 miles from a fishing vessel. The size of each school can also be determined to ensure that not only does one fish bite the bait, all of them do.

In competitions where fishing is a sport, the use of a fish tracking system may not be allowed as it gives the fisherman an unfair advantage over his opponents so you will want to check with your competition rules and regulations if a tracking device is allowed. Some competitions do allow the use of this tracking device and hence you will not be disqualified from your tournament.

As mentioned before, the tracking device gives a 3 dimensional image of a single fish around or the entire school of fish depending of course on where you are fishing. It can also provide 3 dimensional images of the under growth of the water like ferns, sea weed and the like which is very useful in focusing on steering clear of those waters and avoid any unnecessary tangling of the hook, line and sinker. Once the correct location of the fish has been locked in on to your fish finder, the depth and distance of the fish from the vessel you are in can also be seen clearly so that your quest for catching that fish is certainly completed.

This fish tracking is not reserved for professionals; it can also be used by amateurs in electronic tracking devices or amateurs for fishing. The interfaces are usually that easy. Fishing is made fun for everyone with the fish tracker. No empty plates for dinner after buying this!

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