Take A Fly Fishing Vacation In Antigua

If you are a fly fishing enthusiast then you probably spend time looking for new places to go participate in your sport. A lot of fly fishermen stay in the United States going to locales in Montana, Wyoming, and Alaska to try their hand. I would like to introduce you to a new world of fly fishing, the Caribbean.

In the heart of the Caribbean lies the island of Antigua with incredible coral reefs and beautiful crystal clear azure water which is filled with the likes of marlin, tuna, Wahoo, tarpon, and permit. Bonefish are a particular treat in Antigua and are a favorite of those who fly fish anywhere in the Caribbean. These fish have three times the stamina and strength of a comparably sized rainbow trout and will really test your tackle.

If you really want a treat have your guide take you out “jumping tarpon”. Tarpon are one of the most magnificent fish of all to catch inshore. The giants often approach 200 pounds and are a spectacular sight to see when they begin leaping out of the water. I have seen these giants jump as many as eleven times once they feel the pressure of the hook. If you are a northern fisherman who has always fished for pike, the tarpon will make you forget all about them as their performance pales in comparison.

One great fly fishing spot in Antigua is the Codrington Lagoon. This twelve mile long strip with an almost endless pink sand beach is thriving with an abundance of all sorts of sea life. It is not as advanced as a lot of the other locations that have their own ports and marinas but the natural beauty of the area is overwhelming and will leave you breathless.
The topography of the area is friendly with a maximum elevation of only 125 feet and the waters are relatively shallow which makes them a perfect place for going after bonefish and tarpon that love the local flats. This is the perfect destination for those who like to get away from it all as it is very primitive and the area only has 1500 residents.

If you are the type who wants more creature comforts on your fly fishing trip you should consider the Falmouth Harbor Marina. It was specially built to accommodate large boats and has docking available for vessels with drafts of up to 20 inches. This marina which is located on the English Harbour main road has all the facilities of a resort town with shops, bars, and restaurants all in walking distance.

So there you have it, two completely different choices for fly fishing in Antigua. What are you waiting for? Go book a trip.

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