Sports And Fishing Vacation For The Entire Family – Top Destinations

A good sport vacation for the family can include one or more of the following: deep-sea fishing, diving, surfing, canoeing, yachting; and of course lots of time to spend with your family. Your sport and fishing vacation need not be limited to beaches and seacoasts; you can even have a great fishing vacation near rivers and lakes. The sports options here are whitewater rafting, river rafting, horse riding, trekking, camping, cattle herding, and fencing. Here are some of the top adventure destinations in and around the US.

Puerto Vallarta
Puerto Vallarta sportfishing lures people by the thousands to the Mexican city every year. The miles of beaches, sun, and glorious Punta Mita surf make Puerto Vallarta the number one destination for people looking for fun under the sun. You can explore the coast on a Puerto Vallarta yacht, or put on your diving gear for Puerto Vallarta sportfishing. Puerto Vallarta sportfishing is an activity to be enjoyed by the entire family, because both Puerto Vallarta and nearby Punta Mita are known for their family friendly ambiance.

Costa Rica
Another fab fishing and adventure destination is Costa Rica, known for its warm and hospitable people. Crime is relatively rare, and the communities are known to be tight knit and family oriented – a perfect destination to take your kids along for a fun vacation.

The famed Galapagos islands, where Charles Darwin learned much in connection with his theory of evolution, offers visitors the adventure of great fishing, and a place far away from the regular tourist crowd. You can either fish from your boat, close to the shore, or go out for deep-sea fishing.

If you would rather enjoy a sunny vacation closer home, head for the beaches of Florida. Miami can be crowded in the summer months, so be sure to book your hotel months in advance. If you love fishing, here is your chance to bag a few like sailfish, mackerel, and blackfin – maybe even the hogfish.

A sport and fishing vacation for your family is a good time to bond and enjoy the rare time you have together as a family. Not to mention the grand adventure and novelty of exploring new destinations and learning new activities!

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