Plan Well for Your Alaska Fishing Vacation

Going on an Alaska fishing vacation is the ultimate dream for any fishing enthusiast. Clean air, clear environment and beautiful, wild landscapes are just some of the hallmarks of Alaska. But it is what lies beneath the sparkling water of the rivers and lakes that brings the anglers rushing in to experience the best fishing of their life. But to really enjoy your Alaska fishing vacation, you need to have a proper Alaska fishing guide. You can find some very important guidelines in this article.

The range of fishing in Alaska is so vast that you can find almost all the exotic species of fishes here – it is not surprising to catch king salmon weighing over 50 pounds! Other large fish include halibut, northern pike, Graylings, shiner perch, sturgeon, herring, and many, many more.

The best place to fish in Alaska is the southeastern region. There are innumerable locations here that provide excellent fishing and you can pick the species you want. Summer is the best time for catching the halibut. Salmon also migrate here during this period to spawn and are available in abundance. Some of the most popular fishing locations include Bristol Bay, Cooper River, and the Lower Cook Inlet. Some other excellent fishing spots are located in the Western and arctic regions.

For fishing in Alaska you will need all your fishing rods – both freshwater and saltwater. These need to be supplemented by a virtually inexhaustible supply of tackle in addition to flies, weights, lures, a net, fishing line of several types, as well as pliers, waders, maps, and a compass. Another important part of your equipment is a fully stocked first aid kit and lots of water.

As far as clothing is concerned, remember that Alaska always needs warm clothing. Clothing. You can also throw in a few fishing vests, sunglasses, and hiking boots and don’t forget your bug repellent and sunscreen. Also confirm that you have the right fishing licenses else you might be in trouble.

You will also need to carry a wide range of live bait from prawns and night crawlers to crayfish and razor fish. Frozen baits and artificial ones like lures, flies, streamers, spoons and spinners will also come in handy. For enjoying your Alaska fishing vacation to the fullest it is advisable to take a professional Alaska fishing guide with you. These trained professionals, usually locals, know the hidden places where the best fishing can be found. And, they can also help equip you with the best bait.

With the advent of the internet it is now much easier to organize your fishing vacation in Alaska. You can check out the packages available through the various tour operators online, confirm the credentials and then select the best organizer. Once done, you can take off to the best fishing experience of your life.

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