Northern States Ice Fishing – 4 Off Season Angling Benefits

Fishing does not come to a stand still during the winter months; instead many anglers enjoy the cold season and find this the ideal weather to face the challenge of angling on the frozen waterways and lakes. There are many benefits which are there to fish in the winter instead of the summer. The off season angling offers a lot of advantages to the fisherman.

1. The serenity of fishing on ice
You could opt to go fishing in the ice on a bright sunny day or even have a shanty, tent or house, which is portable and easy to put up on the ice. You can keep a heater that is portable inside the fishing tent or shanty to keep yourself warm and comfortable even if the weather outside is freezing. If the weather is fine and the winds are calm, you could not find a more relaxing occupation than to put your chair on a nice clear spot, open the ice and drill a hole and sit back to make your catch.

2. Less of a crowd for ice fishing
As summer fishing is definitely more popular than ice fishing, you will not find much of a crowd and can fish peacefully without too many people around and have better chances of making a good catch. The waters have a lot more variety and quantity of fish with other anglers not emptying the area out. The peace and quiet of such a trip is a different way to relax and enjoy the day out on an ice fishing expedition.

3. What tackle do you need for ice fishing?
You should use a reel and jigging rod with a line and instead of a bait or fly type method it is better to use lures. You will need less equipment for ice fishing which makes the trip safer for kids and more family oriented.
A particular sort of rod holder and reel known as a tip-up is obtainable, which keeps the line in the water and also has a flag at the end which makes it possible for you to see the fish biting the lure which is at the bottom of the line. Nearly all tip-ups have a range of settings for either strong biters or nibbles, so that the angler, even with thick winter gloves on can feel the vibration of the fish biting on the lure. Longer lines are required for winter fishing as the fish tend to move into the deeper areas where food and smaller fish are available and which is a warmer area, they do not stay at the surface like in summer fishing.

4. Ice fishing tournaments
Often fishermen gather in one area for ice fishing and share shanties and tents and make a social event of the expedition. At such time they set up spontaneous fishing competitions and enjoy their trip to the full. Certain areas also conduct tournaments for ice fishing which makes the trip more exciting and fulfilling too.

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