Night Fishing Tips For Walleye

Fishing for the elusive walleye is normally a fun and interesting time. The problem with fishing for this tasty morsel is that many people do not know how to fish for them.

They seem to think that all that they need to do is to throw a line in the water and then they are done. This is not accurate. There is actually a skill and some knowledge that you need to catch these fish.

You can fish for the walleye all day, every day. But did you know that it is actually better to fish for these fish at dawn and dusk?

This is true as these fish are actually very light sensitive. They prefer cloudy days or evening hours. You will need to know these habits in the walleye before you can successfully bring in loads of these fish.

One of the biggest things that need to be remembered is that the walleye is a creature of habit. They tend to run in the same patterns as well as feed in the same locations. But it does take you paying close attention to the patterns to notice where they are traveling as well as where they are feeding.

If you do this during day light hours, then you will notice easily where the best places are to fish in the evening hours.

There are certain things that the walleye are known for. First is their retreat from bright light. As we told you previously, they prefer evening and dawn as well as cloudy days. Second is that these fish actually prefer to hang out in the openings of the channels or river as this is additionally where most of their food will congregate.

You will additionally find them in tall weeds as well as in rocky bottomed areas. The walleye is additionally known to hide in natural rock formation areas under water. If you pay close attention during the day, then it will be easy for you to locate the walleye in the dark. You will start to notice a pattern with them and that can assist you in planning your next fishing excursion. The rules are actually the same whether you are fishing in a lake or a river. There is still the same pattern and the same hiding spots.

Additionally, the walleye will respond the same no matter where you are fishing for them throughout the world. You may have tried to go home with a mess of walleye after a long day of fishing, and not gone home with anything. Do you know why? It could be the lure, the time of day and even the type of bait that you are using.

It could additionally be that you are attempting to catch the walleye in open water instead of near the shore areas in which provide shade for them. Look in grassy areas and use your depth finder. Take special note of the ground beneath you as this will signal hot spots for the walleye.

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