Mountain Escapes or Beach resorts: Which Vacation Spot is Best for You?

Beach resorts or mountain escapes? This question never fails to pop up when it is vacation time once again. But the predicament is understandable. The mountains and the seas, though both very lovely, are as different as night and day, as – well – mountains and seas. If you’re planning to take your family on a trip, you might want to consider the pros and cons of a beach resort and a mountain escape and decide which location suits your family best.

Mountain escapes are known to be very restful. Cozy cabins, hot coco by the fireplace, jogging around a trail or fishing by a stream – all these images come to mind when talking about mountain hideaways. However, mountain trips are not just about snuggling and being comfortable. In fact, if you’re worried about keeping the kids occupied, there are actually a lot of things you can do on a mountain. First of all, you can rough it up. You can choose to pitch a tent and go camping instead of checking in at the lodge. Secondly, you can hike. Yes, mountains are for hiking. You can also choose to bike your way up a mountain if you are more adventurous. Third, there are a lot of mountain resorts that have lakes or rivers in them. You and your children can spend some time swimming, canoeing and engaging in other water activities available. You can also opt to go horseback-riding. Don’t expect to get a tan though. The weather is usually chilly on mountain tops.

Beach resorts, in turn, also have a lot to offer. First is the sun. On a beach, you can lie around in a hammock all day, walk barefoot on the sand or tan by the pool all afternoon long. You can have your fill of sunlight on a beach and there’s quite nothing like it especially after a long winter. And of course there are the water activities: swimming, snorkeling, jet-skiing, parasailing, sailing, wakeboarding, surfing, diving and many others. There are also resorts that offer horseback-riding by the shore.  Most good resorts also have a lot of really good restaurants ready to offer you the bounties of the sea. However, don’t expect peace and quiet when you go to the beach. A lot of people go there to party and enjoy. So, be ready to share the beauty of the pristine sea with a lot of other people.

In the end, the decision you make should be based on what you want out of your vacation. So you want some chill time away from the hustle and bustle of life? Do you just want to enjoy some quiet time with your family? Then a mountain retreat might be the best for you. Are you looking for sun, surf, sand and fast-paced adventure? Then head on to the beach. Talk to your family about it. Which activities will you all enjoy the most? Because mountain escapes or beach resorts, the important thing about planning a vacation is making your family happy.

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