Maine Ice Fishing – 3 Important Things To Reel ‘em In!

Maine is quite known for its varied sports & the popular winter activities. Among these Ice Fishing is top on the list. It offers a lot of varieties in terms of the species of the fish. Also it gives you opportunities to fish in the varied lakes & waterways that are otherwise quite inaccessible for the anglers in the summer months.

For instance, deep water fishing in the lakes like Lake Cumberland, Lincoln, Knox etc. require a boat in the summer months, and in the winter months it requires only a sled & a warm pair of the boots.

In the Maine Ice Fishing tournament there are a host of other events. These events are different for the experienced anglers & the new comers in the winter sport. These tournaments include several games played in varied regions of the state like the Jackman & the Moose River Regions. The Sebago fishing derby are also played in the Moose River Regions.

The highlights of the Sebago Derby Winter Season of the Maine Ice Fishing are as follows:

1. This tournament includes some key events that are as follows:

a. Nordic Walking

A great activity for one & all, this is a new means to safely exercise in the colder temperatures.

b. Polar Ice Dip

In this game the individuals has to wear a swimming suit & go for the dip in a lake in the temperatures as low as you’ve never imagined. This surely is a sport for some brave people.

c. Kids Fishing Tourney

Divided in to varied age categories, the children compete in order to see who catches the biggest fish and the longest fish; but the key idea is surely to enjoy the sport as much as they can.

d. Snowshoe Race

This is an interesting & fun race where anybody can join in by simply strapping on their snowshoes.

e. Winterfest

These are a host of fun activities, entertainment & food for all the participants of the tournament & the guests.

2. Entrance in the Sebago derby

a. This is a typical tournament as compared to the other tournaments of Maine Ice Fishing.
b. For its entrance one needs a pre-registration.
c. For that they must pay a flat fee depending on the fact that an individual angler is participating of the entire family does.
d. The participants are allowed to fish in some specific areas during the designated times only.
e. All the participants must have their fish weighed at the weighing stations in the end of the tournament.
f. Also there are limits levied on the quantity of fish of the varied species that are allowed to be weighed each day.
g. This limit does not stand for the Muskie and the Pike.
h. For pickerel the limit is ten per day.
i. Togues’ limit is 2 per day.
j. Through out the derby, all the participants are bound to follow the rules & restrictions as stated by the Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife.

3. Staying for the Derby

a. Through out the water ways of Maine, Ice Fishing is now considered as the key feature of their winter economy.
b. Several extensive guides, lodges & winter chalets provide accommodation
c. They also provide several fishing trips in several lakes of the area.
d. The fishing lodges also organize tours & trips for the family members who are not interested in being at the lake all through the day.

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