How The Connection Between Fish Oil and Heart Health Is Proven To Keep You Healthy

There’s no doubt about it, fish oil and heart health are a perfect match, helping you to avoid heart disease and strokes and many other degenerative diseases too. Here are the main benefits to expect and how to select the best oil to get them.

It is the powerful anti-inflammatory powers of the omega 3 fatty acids that make fish oil so good, and of the two main ones, EPA and DHA, it is high levels of DHA that is required.

They stop the platelets in the blood from sticking together, helping to prevent a clot and improving the circulation. They can also reduce amount of blood fats related to cholesterol to lower the blood pressure.

Further studies have found another link between fish oil and heart disease that can also help to strengthen the electrical system of the heart preventing any rhythm abnormalities.

The taking of a daily supplement is recommended by heart foundations and the government alike, and helps to save thousands of lives each year, especially as 90% of the population is deficient in them due to the declining consumption of fish because of the contaminants present today.

If you want to live and longer and more importantly healthier life, then a fish oil supplement will go a long way to helping you achieve it.

To get the maximum protection, it’s vital to select the best oil from the many mediocre ones and a high level of DHA is very important. Look for at least 270mg per capsule and about half that amount of EPA.

Molecular distillation will remove all the harmful contaminants to leave you pure and safe oil, higher in omega 3 and is strongly recommended, just look at the website or label to confirm that it’s been done.

In addition, a mix of Hoki and Tuna fish oil has been shown to double the valuable anti-inflammatory powers, providing you with increased protection.

Fish oil and heart health go hand in hand and if you select the right oil, you can enjoy a healthier life now and in the future too.

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