Holiday in Fish Hoek

How does one spend vacation in Fish Hoek? Let me count the ways:

1. The white sandy beach is perfect for leisurely walk ? you can bring your loved ones as well as your pets for that lovely walk along the ocean shore. You can watch the lovely sunset and wait the sun rise kissing the sparkling blue waters. How about watching the whales frolic with the ocean waves? A lovely date with your special someone may bring may his or her mind to nurture whatever their feeling towards you (thanks to the warm and tranquil oceans). With this your travel might never be the same again.

2. Stay on the shore and watch the dolphins and whales play with the waves of the blue water. They can provide entertainment to both young and adults alike

3. The Fish Hoek waters are perfect for swimming. Swim and be merry. The waters are warm and oops ? don’t forget that sun block lotion. The waters are perfectly safe with safeguards on place.

4. Bask in the sun and tan your skin. Of course, these things are the reasons why we go out on the beach, but with panoramic seaside, the beach becomes a fascinating travel destination. See also the hills filled with lush green vegetation with and the seaside filled with white sand.

5. The Fish Hoek is filled with hospitable people aside from its alluring seaside. You’ll find their accommodations so friendly and relaxing that you might to make this a travel spot the whole year round.

6. You’ve got plenty of accommodations to choose from ? self-catering, bed and breakfast, lounges and hotels. Choose any that suites your budget or your preference. Anyway, pampering yourself with deluxe services is one of the things most vacationers are looking for. Especially when the waters are sparkling blue and the sun is shining brightly and beautifully over the waters. With such beautiful views the nature can provide, why not stay there forever, one may think, with just an affordable accommodation at hand.

7. Surfing. You want to be attractively good in surfing? Practice your thing at the Fish Hoek bay and work your way to be a professional surfer with superb surfing skills.

8. Boating or sailing. Witness more panoramic views while taking a boat trip. And of course, don’t forget your water-proof cameras to take shots of whales and dolphins flaunting their stuffs under the bright sun.

9. How about an exciting kayak trips? Armed with water-proof cameras, you will be able to have the chance to see those great whites up close.

10. Fishing ? try your fishing skills to hook up the biggest edible fish there is at the ocean. Who know, you might be able to get one worth putting on the Guinness World Book of Records. The water of Fish Hoek is teeming with tasty fishes, you’ll be proud if you catch a prize.

11. And of course ? shop! How about some interesting souvenirs you might to give to friends and family proudly telling them you’ve been into one of the most beautiful places on earth?

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