Fly Fishing Accessories – A Few Ideas To Make The Sport More Exciting

Fly fishing is a sport that has emerged over the years and has taken on a form of a science and an art. In addition to the right equipment you must have the proper knowledge if you want to be successful in this sport. You are expected to have the proper outfit that includes all the gear needed for a fly fishing trip. This includes the clothing, foot wear, fishing rod and tackle and most of all the knowledge of he habits of the fish you are angling to catch.

The basic wardrobe of a fly fisherman is the fly fishing vest that contains a lot of pockets that is used for the various tools and tackle an angler needs to catch his trophy fish. A small pocket made out of tanned sheep skin and worn in the front of the vest is a good accessory for keeping those additional flies and hooks. Another good accessory that most fishermen like to keep handy is a spring loaded spool that has a pair of nail clippers hooked at the end. This is handy when you have ot cut the line and either remove the catch or let it go.

The fly fishing vest should also have a big pocket at the back where you can tuck in some light rain gear just in case. A small ring at the back of the collar of the vest will come handy to keep the net out of the way.

Fly Boxes should be wisely chosen. These should be small enough to tuck away in one of the pockets. Ideally a fly box should have 2 to 3 chambers to keep the different flies and tackle. The sections in the fly box keep the wet flies and the dry flies separate. Some small vials are also pretty handy to store the wet flies after a catch.

It is important to keep a spare spool complete with reel just in case the one on the rod gets spoilt. You never know when it will and it is best to have one spare handy instead of abandoning a perfectly good fishing trip.

If you are planning a fly fishing trip into a thickly vegetated area such as a swamp you are best advised to keep some insect repellant as well as some rash cream handy with your kit. Insect bites and allergic rashes are common fishing trips.

Equally important for the fly fishing kit are sun goggles, gloves, a flash light and small pocket knife and don’t forget the first aid kit. Last but not the least is the wading boots. These are usually hip length leather or rubber boots. Care must be taken not to wade deeper than the length of the boots for obvious reasons.

With the right accessories, you can have the fishing experience of a lifetime.

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