Fluke Fishing Wth Ultra Light Tackle

If you are a fluke fishing enthusiast, this article on my recent fluke fishing trip with my kids is right up your alley! Read on for the awesome details of the fantastic fluke fishing trip that I experienced this past weekend.

My favorite part of a fishing trip to the New Jersey coast, even as a kid, has always been the actual drive down to Barnegat Bay. Driving down to the bay from Philadelphia in the early morning darkness was always enjoyable. The trip through the Pine Barrens along Routes 70 and 72 always presented plenty of deer to look at along the way. The smell of the salty air as we got closer and closer to the shore was always something that got me excited as a kid, knowing that fishing for fluke out on the bay was only a short time away.

That experience still works for me and now, it works for my kids as well. However, the best part of this particular trip had to be the abundance of fluke that we caught and the sheer size of these wonderful fish. Three of us started our day at around 7am on Barnegat Bay and by 8:30am, we had already been into several “keepers”. My son even caught what is considered a doormat. A doormat is a fluke that is the size of an actual doormat.

Overall, the three of us hooked and landed about 30 fluke and countless croakers. At least a full third of all fluke that we caught were “keepers” The best part of the action was the fact that we were fishing for these fluke with ultra light fishing tackle and this made every hookup a dogfight!

To be honest, I think my kids had tons ore fun hooking up with the croakers all day as the action was nonstop. Although some think croakers are “trash-fish” when it comes to fluke fishing, do yourself a favor and reserve judgment until you actually catch one and fight it on an ultra light rod and reel combo!

My recommendation if you are serious about catching lots of nice sized fluke 9some call them flounder) is to hitch up the boat and head on down to the New Jersey shore. Barnegat Light is my favorite hunting ground for all of the fluke and snapper bluefish action I could ever want.

The best time to fish for fluke in Barnegat Bay is early mornings during the change in tide. I prefer early mornings because there is usually less boat traffic, allowing me better access to my favorite spots. The change in tide is usually enough to scare up food for the hungry fluke. Once I pick out my spot, I’ll just drift until I find some biting fluke and then I’ll just keep drifting over that spot until the fish move on. I’ll then move on to the next fluke fishing spot somewhere else on the bay.

If you have never fished for fluke with ultra light tackle on New Jersey’s bays, do yourself a favor and get on it!

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