Fishing In The World Of Warcraft

Why in the world would you care about fishing in the World of Warcraft as a Druid? Whats the point and what do you get? Is it worth it? The first time I bought a fishing pole for one of my characters I thought it was the dumbest thing in the game and the biggest waste of time. As a result I got my fishing skill to a whooping 5 and then sold the pole never to fish again with that character.

After playing for a while, however, I came to realize that fishing can be a great addition to the game, especially for Druids. Beyond providing a fun sideline above and beyond the typical hack and slash aspect it really can augment and help your character. The benefits can be huge, it adds another element to the game and in working on mastering the skill new and specific content is opened up to you. Sound at least worth a listen? Okay, lets take a look…

Getting going on the fishing skill is basically the same for all classes and for both factions. Find a Fishing Trainer, get trained as an apprentice, buy a fishing pole for a few copper. This whole process takes about 30 seconds. Simple, right? Next step is to find water. Pretty much any water will do from an ocean to a tiny little pond. The fishing icon, like your other skill icons, will be located in your spell book. Many players like to drag that icon to an action bar for easy access. Simple stand close to the water and right click on the icon. This will cast your line into the water. Keep an eye on the bobber in the water. Within few moments you will hear a splash and the bobber will wiggle. At that instant right click on the bobber and you’ll catch your first fish! Pretty easy, right?

So whats it get you? Lots of good stuff. First off you are catching fish which you can eat to regain health. No need to stop and spend money to buy food anymore. Secondly you can simply sell your fish for gold. Thirdly you can use the fish with your cooking skill producing even more effective food that will provide you with not only healing but also get you some serious buffs! Forth you can catch other things beside fish. Its possible to hook random items from under the water that you can either use or sell. Some of these items are scrolls, very rare fish worth serious gold, crates and more as well as random gray and white items (ie. an old boot). There are some items that can only be attained through fishing! And last but not least you can take part in the weekly fishing tournament. Thats right, there is a weekly fishing tournament. Crazy, eh?

Bring on the bonus content! When you commit to skilling up a profession like fishing youll be able to explore slightly different additional content, quests and areas. Those players that do not go after higher levels of profession skill, and even Mastery of one or all their skills, will miss out. This skill does not take a bunch of time, you can get some great health and buff food from it, youll save money on food and on top of that there are fabulous prizes to be had.

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