Elephant Safari- Live the Life of a King as You Tour on an Elephant Safari

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A ride on the royal elephant is everybody’s dream. If you want to fulfill such dreams, then come to India. The history of India has witnessed many elephant safari tours undertaken by the Rajas and Maharajas. Now it is your turn.

You can avail any of the popular elephant safari tour packages in India. Elephant safari tours are common in the national parks and wildlife sanctuaries. Some places famous for elephant safari tours are Corbett National Park, Bandhavgarh National Park, Kanha National Park, Kaziranga National Park and Manas Tiger Reserve in Assam.

The Corbett National park, a bird watchers paradise, is ideal for catching a glimpse of the ferocious tiger. The tourists either go for the Jeep Safari or mount on an elephant to cover the entire park. From the elephants back you can view the fish-eating Gharials, Marsh crocodiles and other popular species like Kingfishers, Mammalia, Serpent Eagle, Osprey, Pallas and Himalayan Greyheaded Fishing Eagles. The elephant ride from Dhikala would offer the tourists a close view of the Himalayan wildlife.

Exploring the swamps and grasslands at Kaziranga National Park in Assam is not possible without an elephant. Your elephant safari would make it possible to travel through the tall thickets and patches of the dense forest. While riding an elephant you can view the Rhinos in the subcontinent. Viewing wildlife becomes fairly easy from an elephant’s back.

The famous Manas Tiger Reserve located in the foothills of the Bhutan Hills can also be covered on an elephant. The state of Assam is well known for the great One Horned Rhino. No wonder, the ancient kings or Rajas preferred to go for their hunting expeditions on an elephant.

You can also spot white Tigers of Rewa at Bandhavgarh from an elephants back. The elephant not only takes you to the well preserved wild pockets of Madhya Pradesh, but also gives you a unique opportunity to view the wild animals from a close distance. A tour around the splendid forests of Central India or at other parts of the country can not be complete without a ride on the majestic elephants. Tiger-tracking at these parks is best done with the help of the local mahouts, the elephant trainers. Only elephant can take visitors to those inaccessible sites.

Elephants do not only help you to explore the wildlife sanctuaries and national parks of India, but this giant animal is also used to travel on hilly areas to discover forts and palaces. If you are too tired of walking on the elevated roads, then an elephant can take you to those places.

Rajasthan Elephant Safari is also a great way to explore the royal state in a majestic style. To give an imperial touch to your tour you can use this prime mode of transportation of the kings in the past. Your visits to the old forts and palaces of Rajasthan become much easier on an elephant back.

You must have heard or read about the ancient kings hunting or traveling on elephants. Relive those times as you venture out on the majestic elephants to explore the national parks, old forts and palaces.to know more about Elephant Safari visit our site :- http://www.indianholiday.com/tours-of-india/elephant-safari.html

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