Does anyone need help with fishing ?

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Is there anyone that needs help with fishing I can help? Fishing is a good sport, you can relax and take your mind off the problems you have in the world. You can go out and have some fun. You need some line, a pole and some bait.

There are artificial baits you can use, but I like real worms. Worms are the oldest bait known to man and the fish love them. There are plastic worms that work well. You have to try and see how you do. There are silver spoons that work well. I have used one and caught a nice size bass. Artificial baits are easy to use and you can use them over and over again. They look and work like live bait. There are so many artificial baits out there, spinner baits, worms, spoons, top water baits, crank baits, etc.

But you have to know where the fish are. If you cast your bait you don’t know if there are fish there. Try it again in different spots and if you don’t get a bite move on to another site and try again. That is what the Bass Masters do. You should keep notes on where you fish like water temp, cover, etc.

I like to watch fishing tournaments on television I get tips. There is some equipment you will need, a good rod and reel. I like the ugly stick it is strong and has a good feel. You can feel a nibble on your line. I use a spinning rod for both spinning reels and bait casting reels. Spinning reels need a rod with big eyes so the line will not get stuck when you cast. I like a two piece rod, it is easy to pack. There is nothing more frustrating than a birds nest, that is when the line gets so tangled up on your reel and you can’t untangle it. The only things you can do are cut the line off and reattach new line. There are many fishing lines out there. I find the new hybrid line the best. It is braided and does not have a set, it stays flexible. It is strong and holds knots well.

You will need a bait box to carry your lures to the place where you will fish. It depends on how many lures you want to try. Fish may like one bait at one time and not like another one, you have to try different ones.

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