Con a Cobia Fish on Your Winter Fishing Vacation

For “light-tackle” fisherman with big game ambitions cobia fishing is your game. Cobia fishing is something that you should more than study up on. Cobia are your ticket, It is true that the fight of a Cobia fish on where and when they are hooked.

Cobia can display some more than impressive jumping. With proper tackle a Cobia on the hook can give a legendary tough first run. But with proper planning and preparation you will land that monster.

Cobias are caught in any of a number of ways traditionally. It can be sight hunting in conjunction with trolling can be a most exciting method as it is for any fish than can be fished in this manner. On the other side or hand you do not need a boat to sight-fish. Pier fishermen often throw their lures to cobia that they can see or spot.
These fishermen on the piers toss ahead of singles or schools bringing their lures though as the fish move up. Next option – surf anglers patrol the shores looking for the lurking black outlines that mean great action. But then again, sight hunting always requires ideal weather and water conditions and when these conditions are wrong or not perfect other methods, of course, must be employed.

Bait fishing for cobia fish can be often productive. Baits can be used when you are anchor, drifting or pier fishing. Since cobia are usually bottom feeders, baits that would ordinarily comprise their natural diet are the most effective, by far. Experts would include crab, shrimp, eels and squid as all wise and good choices. Since cobia are more than blessed with better noses and sense of smell than eyesight it is a good idea to chum up to get the action started and the hold the fish in your area , if not attract more. Another alternate way of holding them is to leave the first caught fish hooked splashing in the area on the end of the fishing line while the other lines are used to haul in curious bystanders.

When you are trolling with baits, the old standard -rigged mullet is hard to beat, though strip baits are also fish getters. Cobia themselves are not all that finicky as eaters so you can any types of a large variety of baits. In terms of lures cobia are known to hit a wide variety of lures themselves. The jig is an excellent choice which can be used close to the surface of the water. With the addition of a little strip bait of pork it becomes a real attractant for king cobia. Plugs, spinners, spoons and even poppers have all worked well in addition. For trolling, feathers and spoons take their good share of cobia strikes. A speed of about five knots is a good pace to try first. After that it all a matter or experimentation to find those cobia fish of your dreams. When cobia are seen on the surface, the trolled bait can be presented o baits can be bought aboard while lighter tackle is broker out for casting.

Cobia fishing is more than a thrill and a dream. You can enjoy cobia fishing on your winter trip down south. Remember that in the worst day of fishing is always better than the best day spent at the office.

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