Flounder Fishing Secrets

The tasty flounder is a great sport fish you can target in Rhode Island waters. Every day during the summer hundreds of boats are out there targeting this great fish. By following a few tips you can become a better flounder fisherman. Summer flounder are a funny-looking brownish fish with a totally white underside. They … Read more

Texas Fishing Reports

Texas is a MECA of freshwater and saltwater fishing areas accessible to the public. If you fish in any of Texas’s many state parks you do not need a fishing license. Free Fishing in State Parks is designed to encourage more people to get out and enjoy the great sport of fishing. It has long … Read more

Some Tuna Fishing Techniques

Tuna are large and tasty saltwater game fish. There is no doubt that most of the tuna species get gigantic and the larger sizes make them a big game fishing target. There are several species of tuna including the albacore, black fin, skipjack and blue fin. You can catch tuna in coastal estuary waters, but … Read more

How To Build Your Own Fish Pond

A pond may offer a number of benefits. It can be cool and relaxing, visually appealing and it can provide the local wildlife a watering point. For Starters It is imperative to know the reason why you are building this pond before the actual construction. Some individuals just wanted to put up these kinds of … Read more

Sportsman’s Connection® Fishing Map Guide Southern Wisconsin

Color Cotour Fishing Maps Highlighted Fishing Spots and techniques Local fishing guide fishing tips Fish Stocking and Survey Data Access Locations and Accommodations Product DescriptionSportsman’s Connection Fishing Map Guides Don’t put up with the hassle of individual lake maps! Get all the maps you need in these handy Guides. We’ve got ’em for many regions … Read more

Maine Fishing Maps: Lakes and Ponds, Vol. 1

Maine Fishing Maps: Lakes and Ponds, Vol. 1 Related PostsMaine Fishing Maps: Rivers and Streams Maine Fishing Maps: Rivers and Streams Kingfisher Maps Maps Of Over 200 Of America’s BEST Fishing Lakes! Including Over 200 Fishing Maps Features Fishing…Southern Illinois Fishing Map Guide Color Cotour Fishing MapsHighlighted Fishing Spots and techniquesLocal fishing guide…Fantastic Fish Ponds.Maine … Read more

Using a Lake Map Effectively

Many years ago I discovered the usefulness of a lake map. A lake map usually has many characteristics on it. Mostly it will identify the depth of the lake. It will also identify structure points of the lake. Such as, sand bars, gravel pits and under water roads, rocky points, mud or muck etc. Some … Read more

Surf Fishing – A Fun Challenge

Have Great Fun While Surf Fishing! Though Surf Fishing may sounds as if it is a calm and easy way to have fun but it is a lot difficult than many people might think it be. There goes many preparations while planning for surf fishing. Calculations like wave height, the current, wind direction and rock … Read more