California Fishing – 5 Best Long Range Fishing Trips

Heading off to the sunny climes of California for a fishing trip, then why not considering making it longer that your chosen week-end fishing break: haul up the tinned food and build up your holiday fun with a long range fishing trip that lasts a few days and is sure to bring in the catches and tales to go with it too! Avid anglers are known to keep aside a couple of days at least while the experts or the hobbyist can well reserve a three week break to simply scout the best fishing holes spread out over varied locations and grounds through the year, but nothing beats the popularity of Coastal California’s fishing spots that beckon with their immense variety of aquatic life and scenic beach fronts!

Most avid anglers heading to California spread their fishing trip between 2 to 6 days and choose popular fishing holes located between 100 to 300 miles San Diego; this area lies around the coast of Baja California and other fishing hot-spots are situated along Cedros, San Martin, Guadalupe and San Benitos, the offshore islands here.

1. If setting your fishing sights on any of the above mentioned fisherman’s delights, you’d do well to focus on species like the Blue Fin, Yellow Fin and Big Eye Tuna; while the Albcore, Skipjack and Yellowtail are also easy to catch as much as the abundantly swimming Calico Bass species.

2. The more long range fishing trips offered in California are organized fro 8-12 days and move outwards of the San Diego port; thus giving a wider fishing area of 300 to 1000 miles south of San Diego, involving angling spots in Uncle Sam Bank, Alijos Rocks, Thetis Bank and the 23 Fathom. Apart from the above named fish species, ones you can hope to catch here include Dorado and the Wahoo.

3. The long range fishing trips you can best hope to gain your prize catches from are located between California and the Mexico area, but you’re advised to keep aside at least 3 weeks for this: stretching across the Baja coast and the islands of Revilla Gigedos, these trips will include Clarian, Socorro and San Benedicto and big-size catches of Yellowfin tuna (weighing 200 to over 300 lbs and Wahoo up to 100 lbs.) are a usual catch for lucky fisherman here! So, what’s stopping you from heading out to sunny California, eh?

4. While some people shrug off the idea of long range fishing trips as too much of an effort, others don’t mind it for the heady mix of exotic and big fish they can catch! While such a long range fishing trip continues aboard a special charter, you can store the catch under deck in chilled fish-holds to help them survive the journey to the port.

5. Priced around $200-$300 a day, inclusive of all meals, these long range fishing trips from California to Mexico area require you to pay fishing permit costs in Mexico waters and the added incentive is of unique tackle rentals offered for each length of trip you make.

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