Bay Fishing For The Beginning Angler

Have you ever been bay fishing? A bay is described as a notch or stretch of shoreline that is too small to be considered a gulf but too large to be a cove. Bays provide cover and have an abundance of baitfish making it the perfect place for many species of fish to thrive. This makes it an excellent fishing opportunity for any angler looking for a great day on the water.

Bay fishing is very popular and enjoyed by anglers both young and old. It is just as fun and exciting as fishing in lakes and rivers and the more you know about bay areas the more productive you can be. If you are new to this sport here are some tips to help you get started.

Bay fishing tips:

You can use spinning reels and baitcasting reels when bay fishing but they should be able to handle between six to twelve pound test lines.

Monofilament line is a good selection when fishing in bays. It’s strong enough to reel in the larger fish and easy to work with.

The best time to go bay fishing is when the tide is changing from low to high or anytime between a couple hours before and after high tide.

Bay fishing is usually the best when the current is strong.

Fish in the grassy areas, around structures and in the shallow water.

Fly fishing is one of the most popular techniques used for fishing in bays.

Fishing in bays is considered some of the best places to catch a variety of species and it’s perfect for almost anyone. It offers fun and entertainment for the beginner and loads of challenges for the experienced angler. Many of the fish in bay areas are elusive and put up an amazing fight but with the right techniques you can haul in quite a catch.

Popular Fishing Bays

There are many fishing bays located throughout the United States in which there are some great fishing opportunities. Three of the most popular fishing bays are listed below.

Chesapeake Bay – The Chesapeake Bay is one of the most popular fishing areas in Maryland and Virginia. Here you will find many species of fish such as bluefish, flounder, speckled trout, rockfish, croaker, spot and drum. It is an excellent place to visit and enjoy some fantastic fishing.

Tampa Bay – Fishing in Tampa Bay is amazing. It is Florida’s largest open water estuary and full of a wide variety of fish. You will also see many manatee, dolphins and sea turtles in Tampa Bay. Many great fishing stories were created here.

Sheepshead Bay – The Sheepshead Bay is popular for having some of the best and easiest navigable inlets located on the east coast. There are many great hot spots located within five to thirty minutes of the boat docks in the bay making it fast and easy to get started on your fishing adventure.

Bay fishing has much to offer anyone that enjoys reeling in a variety of fish.

There are so many options available and different species to go after there is something for everyone.

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