Arkansas Bass Fishing Secret Spots

In true tradition of the favored sport of the south, Arkansas bass fishing is plentiful and can be the itinerary for a fun family trip or a heated tournament. Either way, there is an abundance of great fishing locations in Arkansas where you can find plenty of bass in good sizes. Here are just a few, summarized for your reference.

Let’s start with Beaver Lake, a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers impoundment in Northwest Arkansas. This 28,220 acre lake is probably the number one Arkansas bass fishing lake. Fed by the White River, Beaver lake is a favorite place for white bass to spawn due to the high quantities of shad forage that lasts year round. Follow the schools of shad and work your jigging spoons well into April, while the bass are still spawning, and you’ll be golden.

Another excellent choice for Arkansas bass fishing is Table Rock Lake, another watering hole fed by the northerly flow of White River. Because they become stuck at Beaver Dam, the white bass are easy to catch in large numbers at the head of the lake. Use live minnows, and leadhead jigs for the best results, but expect these overcrowded fish battling for food to bite just about anything you can cast.

With a massive 45,440 acres, Bull Shoals Lake is another area that guarantees fantastic Arkansas bass fishing. In fact, this is the home of the two state record white bass catches, coming in at 5 lbs, 4 oz and 5 lbs, 2oz. Two-pounders here are a breeze, and you’ll take home your fill of them every day, and you shouldn’t be surprised by a 4-pounder, either. Use jigs and grubs in 10-15-foot depths during March, and you’ll find many of the fish freshly spawned and hungry for the bait. You can also work the streams branching off the lake with spoons and small crankbaits.

While Lake Norfork also contains an incredible number of white bass, Arkansas bass fishing at this 22,000 acre Corp of Engineers impoundment will yield an excellent outpouring of largemouth and striped bass. Even the white bass come in good sizes here, ranging between two and three pounds. Try using horsehead spinners where the tributaries flow in for best results, and you may find yourself with 50 to 100 fish in just half a day.

Whites and hybrid stripes are the catch found at Greers Ferry Lake, especially around the four forks of the Little Red River that feed in – the Devil’s, Archey’s Middle, and South Forks. Here, you’ll find mostly jumbo white bass, but Arkansas bass fishing here can also produce a number of striped bass. If you want a chance at these babies, trade in the ultralight tackle you use for whiteys and get something more heavy duty.

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