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Bass fish is a black fish, a specie of North American fish. Other types of bass fish are the large mouth bass, small mouth bass, Kentucky bass and a lot more.

Bass fishing originates in southern United States of America. This fish if originally for food and later turned out to be a sport. However, in 1950’s it became the second most sought after game in the states, coming from a humble start. Bass fishing has made a drastic change in the fishing industry with regards to development of some fishing gears form rods to reels, making way to lines to lures. There is also the evolution of electronic boats and modern bass boats. Luckily, this sport brings a lot of money to the state. More than billions upon billions of dollars is being taken form this sport.

Most of the participants in this fishing sport do not treat bass fish as food. They treat this kind of fishing a sport. Usually, they catch fishes and release them in water afterwards. This is called “catch and released”, the BASS (Bass Anglers Sportsmen Society) under the National Tournament circuits brought this. There is a huge penalty whenever they catch dead fish. Dead fishes are not counted as a score. The caught fishes are immediately taken for weighing purposes and released back to water. If the fishes were stressed, they are placed in a tank for treatments then released back to water right after.

Largemouth bass fish was introduced across the world by government wildlife department and sports angler. Japan and South Africa are just two among the countries who got active programs of bass fish stockings. In fact, Japan, South Africa and Australia are some of the countries with many participants in fishing tournaments held in United States. Australia has its own fresh water fish called Australian bass fish that is why they have their own fishing tournaments. You cannot find Largemouth bass fish in Australia. Although Largemouth Bass got features similar to Australian Bass fish, they are still considered different fishes.

Anglers should know how to locate bass. This might be the biggest problem you can encounter especially if you are new to the sport. Definitely, learning how to locate a bass is necessary for everybody.

There are many factors to determine if you want to learn more on how to locate bass. These are the following.

* You must learn how to read a map. * You must also learn how to locate for active bass after the fall of the cold fronts and on early spring. * You must know how to understand different water depths. * You must take into consideration that fishing needs clear water. * You must be aware of the normal temperatures where bass fishes usually dwell. * You must learn about the seasonal patterns. * You must learn how to locate structure areas. * You also have to locate the vegetation areas.

You also need to look for some key elements so you can locate bass. The following are the key elements you need to find: * You need to look for the vegetation areas * Take a look at some irregular contours * Be aware of the shallow water that are close to deep water areas * Locate the point and point of drops * Be aware of the different and various type of structures

These are the things you need to learn about bass fishing. If you’ve picked some pointers about Bass Fishing that you can put into action, then by all means, do so. You won’t really be able to gain any benefits from your new knowledge if you don’t use it.

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