Alaska Fishing Trip

The greatest thrill of a lifetime is to experience Alaskan Fishing. The pristine surroundings, the untouched rivers and lakes, turns a fishing trip into an adventure. Whatever your skill level is, fishing in Alaska is sure to meet your greatest expectations. Alaska provides the fisherman with more than 627 species of fish. The state has three million lakes, 3,000 rivers, two oceans, (Arctic and Pacific), Seas, (Bering, Chukchi, Alaska) and the Gulf of Alaska. With the many different areas and waters to fish, the question is not will you be able to catch anything, but how many fish will I catch!

Alaska has five fishing regions. South-central Alaska is known for its halibut from Kachemak Bay, the King Salmon from the Kenai River and beautiful Rainbow Trout. The Southeast region is a rustic area with majestic glaciers, fjords, and untouched forests and lakes. The rivers and lakes are filled with many species of fish both marine and freshwater. The Southwest region has excellent sport fisheries, and is known for its Pacific Salmon and Rainbow Trout. The Interior Region with its remote waters and wilderness has many areas to find Northern Pike, Rainbow Trout, Lake Trout, and Arctic Char. Lastly, in the Far North Region you will find Sheefish, Northern Pike, and Salmon, just to name a few.

If you have an interest in crabbing, try it in the calm waters of Thorne Bay, away from the turbulent ocean waters. Take a guided charter or a “crab” cruise to experience crab fishing from the professionals. Learn about setting pots, using bait and the best part, harvesting and eating the crab.

Whether you are a fly fisherman, or interested in deep-sea fishing, Alaska has all of these areas of interest available. For your adventure to be more enjoyable, look into obtaining a guide, someone who really knows the area and can take you to the best areas based on the type of fish you wish to catch. Fishing in Alaska also gives you the opportunity to be a part of the landscape. It is common to see Moose, Caribou and other wildlife as you are fishing! Take an Ocean Charter and see whales, sea lions, and sea otters.

To make your trip enjoyable, Alaska has several lodging options available. You can book rooms at plush resorts, or make a reservation at a rustic camp along a secluded river with nominal amenities. Many fishing camps offer very comfortable accommodations for its guests, complete with restaurants, cellular phone services, and satellite hook ups. It is your choice, totally escape your world, or indulge in comfort. Many of the lodging options offer fly-in services via small plane or helicopter, to reach those remote areas.

With this information, either the novice or expert fisherman can begin to plan their vacation to the wilds of Alaska. Picture the majestic Glaciers, the untouched lakes, the clean air and the exhilaration of catching that record-breaking salmon. This would entice anyone to begin his or her Alaskan Fishing journey.

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