ABC Of Bass Fishing – Best Ways To Increase Your Catch

The bass is one of the most popular fish in North America and this bass fishing guide seeks to help beginners understand how to choose bait for the sport of bass fishing. When it comes to bass fishing, different bait is needed throughout the day to get the best fishing results.

Bass move throughout the day and so at each part of the day – morning, noon and evening – a fisherman will need to adjust his bait accordingly. In the morning buzz baits, spinner baits and plastic worms that stay near the surface are best. During the middle of the day bass go deeper in the water, seeking cover, so the best bait to use at this time is bait that can go deep towards the bottom. A fisherman may consider using a weight to help get the depth. Later in the day the bass move back towards the surface and the same bait used in the morning will work well.

Plastic bait comes in bright colors that attract the fish. Different colors may get a different response in different areas and on different days. There is also natural colored bait, but this bait is usually for those who are more patient, as they do not attract the bass as quickly as the colored bait. The best method of choosing the colors to use is to just give it a try and see what works best.

Bass fishing is most often done with plastic bait, but it is possible to use live bait. With live bait it is generally reasonable to expect that the more bait used the bigger fish that will be caught. Crawfish, shiners, grubs and night crawlers are all good live bait choices for bass fishing.

In general, it is a good idea to seek out the assistance of fellow fishermen to see what’s working on any given day.

When bass fishing is concerned, it is important to understand the habits of the fish. This will help a fisherman choose the best fishing spots and the best bait to use. Having a good understanding of the area can also help and asking fellow fishermen is also a great way to make the fishing experience the best. This bass fishing guide is only a guide to what bait generally works best. Each area will have its own methods that work best, which is why instead of using a bass fishing guide, asking around is always the best method to catching bass.

Whether you are a beginning bass fisherman, or a seasoned bass fishing tournament professional, you need basic fishing tackle for your tackle box.

There are lots of lures that you can use for different lakes and weather and water conditions. However, some lures will work regardless of the weather or water conditions or water temperature.
A crank bait works best when it is deflected off of the bass holding structure. It could be logs, docks, rocks or what ever structure you are fishing. The key is the interrupted action and the deflection caused by hitting the structure. Sometimes a short hesitation after striking the object will help draw strikes. Always vary your retrieve with crank baits until you start getting strikes. Most times a crank and pause retrieve will out fish a straight retrieve. Many good crank bait anglers will fish the lure more with the rod than the reel. They will pull the lure forward by sweeping the rod in stop and go motion and take up line as the rod is moved forward to repeat the process. This method improves the feel of the lure and gives you many options in speed and action of the crank bait.

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