5 Tips To Determine The Best Time For Fishing In Puerto Vallarta

If you are planning to go fishing in Puerto Vallarta you will have to decide on the season according to the fish you want to catch. Different species of fish are there in different seasons in this paradise in the tropical regions. Puerto Vallarta which is in the Banderas bay has over 3 million fishing buffs visiting every year to fish in the deep seas.

1. The perfect weather round the year
The weather in this tropical paradise is ideal for fishing expeditions with the temperature being an average of 27o C during the day and cooler at night.

2. The fish available during the various seasons
Though fishing season in Puerto Vallarta is all the year round, for the large tuna fish the ideal time to visit is during the period from June to February. During the summer and spring season you can fish for the black, blue and striped marlin; for the sailfish the best season is in winter, but these fish are available almost right through the year.

In case you can take your vacations only during the summer months around June, then you will have the yellow fish tuna or Dorado. You will be able to bait these fish during most of the months except from March to May.

3. Fishing expeditions to Puerto Vallarta
There are many charters and fishing expeditions to Puerto Vallarta. Every morning there are trips leaving which accommodate either a groups of different numbers of anglers. These fishing expeditions are often inclusive of all the requirements like fishing tackle, transportation, bait, drinks and ice boxes. It is always better to find out with the charter company you are dealing with about their package contents, so that if there is something you need to take along, like even food and drink, you should not have a problem later. Another essential commodity is drinking water which is bottles to ensure that you do not end up with a stomach infection while you are on your trip.You would have to bear the cost of the licenses for fishing which your charter company will be able to sell to you.

4. Tips for fishing expedition charters
The normal tip for a fishing charter is around 10 to 15 % of the cost of the charter. You could pay this with the local currency which is the peso or with the US dollars which are also accepted here.

5. More than just fishing on the sunny Bandera Bay
Apart from fishing in Puerto Vallarta, you can also sunbathe on the beaches of Banderas Bay which has a wide stretch of beaches along more than 25 miles of coastal land. If you prefer the mountains then you could opt for the scenic chain of Sierra Madre on the eastern side. There is always a choice of activities at Puerto Vallarta which can occupy you and make your trip enjoyable.

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