4 Great King Salmon Fishing Spots In Oregon

You can fish right through the year at Oregon with remarkable fishing experiences. Though this location is not as popular or well known like the other fishing areas of Alaska, Washington and Michigan of the United States, it offers fishing right through the year which is interesting enough. The most eagerly awaited event in Oregon is the annual King Salmon fishing which occurs annually when many King Salmons are caught. The vast coastline of Oregon which is over a hundred and eighty miles can be fished for king salmons right through. During the season more than 65,000 will be caught and some of these King Salmons can weigh up to thirty pounds or more.

Some of the very often visited hot spots for salmon fishing

1. Rogue River – this river is divided into three sectors like the lower, middle and upper sections and is thought to be a fishing enthusiast’s paradise. Originating from the mountains of Crater Lake National Park, this is a 200 mile long river. The lower end of the Rogue River has exceptional prospects for spring and fall King as well as Silver salmon fishing. The lower end of the Rogue River has marvelous chances for fishing in the spring as well as the fall for King and Silver salmon angling. The water in the middle of the Rogue River is not very rapid and offers wonderful chances for families to go fishing and rafting. Spinner and fly fishing are popular in these deep ponds with rock bottoms and eddies that mark this section of the river. The best months to fish here are between July to October. Salmon and Trout fishing are available in the upper sections of the river. You could also go hiking, camping or white water rafting here.

2. Rogue River Canyon – White water rafting, with the spectacular water movement, is more popular than fishing right through the canyon. However this is a wonderful place to experience and see. There are a few fly fishing chances towards the lower end of the Rogue River Canyon.

3. Oregon coast – Fishing for King Salmon is done in this part of Oregon most often. There are many guide charter services available here, but with the waters being calm one could go fishing without the assistance of a guide. In any case if it is your first visit then it is better that you have a guide. At Bookings Harbor, the locale of the Chetco River is predominantly well known for King fishing in the fall.

4. Gold Beach – It is in this part that the Rogue River flows into the coastal waters . One can fish for King Salmons here right through the year with most opportunities for the best fishing from March to July. King Salmon or Fall Chinook mainly run from August right up to October. Between the fall from the months of September to October you could also fish for Silver salmon.

The coast has the most number of hotels and stores where you could find accommodation or shop for supplies. This is one of the biggest boons at Oregon for Salmon fishing for visitors .There are several camping areas for camping in the day or for longer periods of camping by the coast for those fishing enthusiasts who want to have a feel of the out doors of Oregon too.

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