Fishing Guide

Fishing guides are not just for the amateur angler; in fact, they are considered an invaluable tool for more experienced devotees of the sport who are looking to gain some new tips and tricks or add a little adventure to their routine. Finding the right-fishing guide is the first step in seriously pursuing particular species, so that you can learn the best tactics possible rather than use a one-size-fits-all approach. In fishing, as in other sports, the best way to improve is to work with a seasoned pro. A fishing guide will not only help you refine your technique but introduce you to a community of fishers, all of whom may be potential friends and teachers.

What should you expect when looking for a fishing guide?

The best place to start is online. Determine the region where you will be fishing, and look for the companies that serve that area. There are several companies that provide guides in all 50 states, as well as in other countries, such as Brazil. The cardinal rule of comparison-shopping applies as much to fishing guides as it does to any other service: in order to have the best experience possible your first time out, look up multiple options and compare the prices they offer for the services you desire.

Keep in mind the following questions: do you want to fish salt-water or fresh-water areas? Are you after bass, tuna, or something more exotic?

Is your goal to try out new equipment and techniques, or to hone the skills you already have in a new area?

You will want to work with a fishing guide who promises realistic results, i.e. that you will benefit from their experience and knowledge of the surrounding environment, but not that you will to become a master angler within an hour. If you cannot find the information you need on their website, call each company and ask about their licensing, their refund policy, and how long they have been in business. This basic research should only take a few minutes and will prevent you from being swindled. After all, the purpose of using a fishing guide is to enhance your craft, not to lose your money and love for the sport.

After you trudge through the necessities, prepare to have fun! Make the most out of your trip with the guide, and do not be afraid to ask questions, no matter how basic they may seem. The more you stay engaged during your excursion, the more value you will get for the cost of the guides’ services.While no fishing guide can be expected to magically produce heaps of fish, you should come away from the trip feeling as if you learned new techniques and had a great time. To help your fellow angler, consider going online again after your expedition and finding a message board to rate the company you have worked with. You may just end up posting some pictures of you and a glorious catch, thanks to the right-fishing guide!

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