Fishing an Unnamed Lake, Yukon Territory, Canada

I’m fishing an Unnamed Lake deep in the Yukon for Grayling. Raw footage excerpt for an upcoming fishing DVD.
Video Rating: 3 / 5

In 2008 i visited Ekaluk River in Nunavut,Canada. It was just amazing… Website:
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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8 thoughts on “Fishing an Unnamed Lake, Yukon Territory, Canada”

  1. I actually caught a lot of fish at this lake. I stayed two weeks and just
    lived off the fish. This video was put together to make fun of myself
    rather than to show my fishing expertise! LOL I though friends and family
    would get a kick out of it and decided to share with all. God bless, Rodger

  2. @adifishing Actually they were sharpened but perhaps I had snagged a rock
    since the last time I had checked them. I have a lot more video I did not
    post where I actually caught fish! Ha ha I only posted this one because I
    thought is was funny — and beautiful scenery. I pretty much just posted it
    for friends to see and get a few laughs. I was using Panther Martins.

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